Classroom Activity: Planet Mechanic

BY Sarah Conn
The way our planet works can be complicated to explain as you discuss rotation rate, orbital distance, tilt, atmosphere, not to mention the moon! Planet Mechanic allows students to take a hands-on approach to experimenting and exploring how these forces affect the planet.

Given whimsical and ever-changing requests by the alien Senator Opthimbuzzle Flaax, students will explore how adding atmosphere affects temperature, how moons are connected with tides, how to create seasons, and much more. See the triumphs and follies of your alien customers as they experiment with what type of planet they truly want!

Including standards-aligned supplemental curriculum, Planet Mechanic also comes with Teacher and Student Guides to reinforce concepts presented in the game. These guides provide educators with a comprehensive overview of lesson materials or the option to pick and choose activities that work best for their classrooms.

One of the activities included in the Planet Mechanic Teacher Guide has students explore the phases of the moon through a physical, interactive model and then illustrating what they see. Feel free to access the activity packet below for use in your classroom or check out the Teacher Guide for more ideas!