Classroom Self-Assessment: Game-based Learning

BY Kat Shanahan
When we released Implementing & Evaluating Your District Game-based Learning Program, we wanted to help administrators and educators get the most out of using games in the classroom. Regardless of the size of your implementation, there are areas for growth and improvement along your game-based learning journey.

To guide you in this process, we created a simple planning sheet that can be used to analyze student learning and achievement while assessing performance standards against overall game-based learning goals.

This free planning sheet will help you get organized and demonstrate the value of using innovative, high-quality games in your classroom. Click below to download your free copy or access an editable version in Google Docs. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments section!

PS - Don’t forget to download the rest of Implementing & Evaluating Your District Game-based Learning Program for more great resources!