Curriculum Activity: Visualizing Fractions with Diffission

BY Sarah Conn
The concept of a fraction can be difficult to understand in the abstract, requiring time and patience to understand these concepts, especially for younger learners. We designed Diffission with this in mind, visually demonstrating how fractions work and encouraging learners to experiment and play. Today we wanted to draw your attention to some of the supplemental curriculum that comes with the game. Featured in the Diffission Teacher Guide, this activity encourages students to create their own diffission blocks, creating wholes from fractions. Feel free to download the activity packet for use in your classroom or check out the Teacher Guide for more ideas!

More About the Game
Diffission is designed for the beginner to the extreme fraction fan. Gamers can learn about fractions by slicing through deceptively simple shapes as well as testing their knowledge of fractions and strategy by manipulating swap and dissolve blocks to eventually earn the coveted title of Diffissionist. With endless procedurally generated puzzles the fun can go on for as long as you want!

Diffission includes standards-aligned supplemental curriculum complete with Teacher and Student Guides to reinforce concepts presented in the game. These guides provide educators with a comprehensive overview of lesson materials or the option to pick and choose activities that work best for their classrooms.