Molecubes Classroom Activity

BY Sarah Conn
Upon first introduction, it can be difficult for students to understand and distinguish the different states of matter and how they can be transformed. Molecubes allows students to take this knowledge into their own hands and transform matter through applied temperature manipulation.

Playing as the Modifier, players are given puzzles that can only be solved by altering the states of Matter Cubes. As the levels progress, students can change the pH content of the cubes, making acids, neutrals, and bases, as well as turning some cubes flammable!

Standard with the titles in the Filament Learning Games Library, Molecubes includes standards-aligned supplemental curriculum complete with Teacher and Student Guides to reinforce concepts presented in the game. These guides provide educators with a comprehensive overview of lesson materials or the option to pick and choose activities that work best for their classrooms.

One of these activities in the Molecubes Teacher Guide lets students manipulate the states of matter in a physical science lab, using water, ice cubes, and a hot plate. Students then collect data using the scientific method. A comparison and discussion session follows, linking both digital and physical classroom experiences. Feel free to download the activity packet for use in your classroom or check out the Teacher Guide for more ideas!

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