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Future-Proofing Your Project

Technology is an ever-changing landscape. There are constant stories about the death of platforms, new ‘game-changing’ software or hardware, and wild successes or tragic failures for seemingly arbitrary reasons. Let’s explore how you can mitigate those risks and develop a project that has a lifespan measured in years. Selecting Technology One of the first decisions…

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FGP2-15: Season II Finale

In the season two finale we meet Dan’s alter ego, Kat Shanahan, recap our favorite moments from season two, and look ahead to the future of the Filament Games Podcast. We also finally reveal our thoughts on No Man’s Sky, listen in on Dan’s World of Warcraft Confessional, and experience the ultimate Fact or Fabrication…

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Taking Your Game From Version 1.0 to 2.0

I have written about the importance of considering cost during the early stages of project development, and provided a broad overview of what to expect during the production process. Now that you’ve officially launched the game, you may be considering taking your project to version 2.0. Before developing ideas on how to best position your project for…

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Virtual and Augmented Reality for Businesses

I’ll admit it. I was a bit of a skeptic when it came to practical corporate uses for Virtual or Augmented Reality. As a marketer I’ve seen countless projects with significant potential fall flat because the focus of using cutting-edge technology isn’t on the purpose behind the project, but the technology itself. Even tech giants…

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How to Align Standards and Educational Games

Games are great tools to engage and inspire students, but in today’s standards-based educational system that’s not enough by itself. Educational games need to not only engage students, but also meet the needs of educators who are using them as instructional tools. To help educators feel confident that games are introducing, reinforcing, or evaluating classroom…

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