The Perks of Being a Filament Games Partner

BY Kat Shanahan
When you implement the Filament Games Game-based Learning Program at a school or district-wide level, you’re not just enriching your students’ lives through educational technology - you’re joining the Filament Family.

What exactly does that mean? It means that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. We take pride in creating mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. Whether it’s sending our team members to facilitate after school gaming clubs or setting up a Skype session with one of our developers, we love partnering with schools and districts across the country to support their students. Here are some of the additional perks of implementing our game-based learning program at a school or district-wide level.

Studio Tours: We’re happy to open our doors to middle and high school students interested in STEM careers for a virtual field trip or in-studio visit. Over the years we’ve hosted small tour groups, after school gaming clubs, and computer science classes.

Team Member Interviews: Are your students interested in learning what it takes to work in art, coding, or game design? Ask our studio! We’ve facilitated in-person and Skype interview sessions with many of our staff members. Check out these resources for a quick preview:

Sharing Your Story: Share your innovative work on our blog! We support our partners by providing a platform to get their voices heard. Have an exciting classroom study? We’ll work with you to highlight your most innovative educators. Do you have an important message about education that will resonate with your colleagues? We’ll help you spread the word! Teaming up with our content team helps you shine a spotlight on your school or district.

User Testing: Every game that leaves our studio is playtested prior to release. When we’re in search of students to playtest our games, we reach out to our partners first! Partnering with us gives your students the experience of providing feedback on games before they enter the marketplace.

Interested in partnering with us? Check out the Filament Games Game-based Learning Program and become a member of the Filament Family!