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5 Assessment Strategies in Learning Games

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Every game we create at Filament Games is specifically tailored to meet pre-determined learning objectives. With this commitment to achieving learning objectives comes unique challenges in measuring the learning that occurs during gameplay. Prior to releasing games, we conduct playtests with members of our target audience and sometimes commission independent case studies that include pre…

Project Highlight: Aquation from the Smithsonian Institute

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Learning games are powerful tools for delivering information – whether you’re teaching basic spelling or object-oriented code, learning games are potent experience engines that immerse and engage the learner. There are even some cases where that immersion can be quite literal. Take, for instance, Aquation, the new Freshwater Access Game from the Smithsonian Institute that’s designed to…

What’s New in Gaming Accessibility and Assistive Technology

We’ve covered developments in assistive technology and gaming accessibility previously on the blog, including hardware like the Xbox Adaptive Controller and software like Code Jumper. While accessibility in gaming still has a long way to go, new technology and innovation continue to emerge with each passing day. Here’s a roundup of recent updates and news…

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