Where & When to Use Games in the Classroom Twitter Chat Recap

BY Kat Shanahan
Kahoot. Gamification. Quizlet.

Last night’s Twitter Chat about where and when to use learning games led to a captivating discussion about making classrooms more engaging learning environments. Educators shared insights into which content areas and types of games they’ve seen work well in their classrooms.

Central to the discussion was educators’ quests for finding tools and resources that helped students not only engage with content - but also with each other. Learning resources such as Kahoot and Quizlet help gamify classroom environments while providing educators with insights into where and when students are struggling with subject matter.

Additionally, participants shared inspiring stories and examples of how game-based learning can help students succeed after they stop playing games. 21st century skills gained through gameplay transfer into the real world and prepare students to become better global citizens.

There were a number of great ideas shared during last night’s discussion that can be implemented in your classroom today. Be sure to check out a full recap of the discussion below and stay tuned for more information about our next Twitter Chat!