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Alex Stone

What impact do you want to make on the world?

“Impact” is a broad term that can have diverse meanings, dependent on an organization’s resources and objectives. Like many of our partners, you might approach us with your desired impact already in mind – however, plenty of organizations come to us seeking both our game development services as well as advice on how to maximize …

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Any Platform. Any Age. Any Subject.

Since 2005, Filament Games has partnered with organizations all over the world to create more than 160+ best-in-class learning games and simulations. Our talented team of game designers, artists, engineers, and more work each day to solve complex problems and create high-quality, impact-focused digital experiences. Much has changed in the video games and education industries …

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Machine Learning

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Most articles introducing machine learning on the web start out with charts and equations showing how to fit a line to a linearly separable point cloud. That’s neat. But that does nothing to show the power of machine learning models to change the way that we write software and conduct business. There will be plenty …

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