Hi! We’re Filament Games.
We’re a game studio based in Madison, WI, and we’re on a mission to create playful experiences that improve people’s lives.

We’ve been around for 14 years.

We’ve shipped more than 160 learning and positive impact games and we’re making more right now.

We work with people like this
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If all went according to plan, the reason you’re here is that we’re using the insidious power of advertising to seek a talented, dynamic, and experienced developer to help us on our mission — basically, we’re looking for you!

But first, you should get to know us a little better. Check out this quick video for a glimpse of our culture:

Alright, so that’s us. Let’s talk about the work.

Make Games You Can Feel Good About

We pride ourselves on making games that have a positive impact – whether that’s through new knowledge and skills, a fresh perspective, or a deeper sense of empathy. As a work-for-hire development services shop, we’ve built a reputation with our clients for making games that are aesthetically beautiful, thoughtfully designed, and authentically effective in creating the targeted outcome. Here are some of our latest and greatest projects:


In our upcoming game RoboCo, players build and control robots to serve squishy, hapless humans in the world of tomorrow, and possibly cause some light property damage.

Breaking Boundaries

Made in partnership with Oculus, Breaking Boundaries in Science is a free-to-play VR celebration of famed women scientists Marie Curie, Grace Hopper, and Jane Goodall, featuring voiceover by Jane Goodall herself.

Square Panda

Square Panda is a Bluetooth-enabled phonics playset that combines early reading pedagogy and multi­sensory play to unlock learning.


Founded by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics.org is a nationally-recognized collection of free-to-play civics learning games with more than 7 million student users and more than 81 million lifetime plays.

A Game Designer’s Life at Filament Games

Our studio is home to a variety of game development skill sets and roles, including game designers, game artists, producers, QA, and game engineers. Each member of our multifaceted game design team brings their own personal style and strengths to the table, and each of them has their own perspective on what it’s like to work here. Here’s what a few of us had to say about game design at Filament Games:


I'm relatively new to the Filament team, but I immediately felt welcomed and am thriving in the office! Madison is a great place to live and Filament's dedication to respecting work/life balance has allowed me to explore my new city and even pick up some new hobbies.

francesca carletto-leon, GAME DESIGNER

I'll never be bored working at Filament. There are new and interesting problems to solve every time I come into the office.

colin skinner, GAME DESIGNER

As a game designer, I've inherited a variety of learning objectives from our clients that have consistently pushed me into unfamiliar territory. This often leads to wild and delightful outcomes that I could never have anticipated, like when the goal of teaching numerical place value led to a game where you count and sort flightless chickens onto an airplane and send them on vacations to different countries around the world. This process of experimentation and discovery keeps me engaged and always learning!

luke jayapalan, GAME DESIGNER

I get to work on a variety of games that address a wide array of meaningful topics with some of the nicest and most talented people in game development.


These are just some of the folks that you would work with - you’ll get to meet them and the rest of your team during your interview process.

On that note, you’ll be reporting to Dan Norton, and they wanted to say hello.

They also incidentally wanted to talk about the Game Designer position:

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