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Along with James Basham and Constance Beecher, Filament collaborator Matt Marino has co-authored a new article that further explores how students with learning disabilities can benefit from video games as a science teaching and assessment tool.

Mon 30 Jul 2012

Marino, assistant professor at WSU's Department of Teaching and Learning, contributes his characteristic insight into the systemic problems that kids with learning disabilities face, including how they're frequently deprived of solid science foundations for later, more complex science curricula to build on. The article goes on to outline how teachers can use games and technology — specifically, games built around the Universal Design for Learning framework — to help middle school students with LD catch up and keep up with their peers, including a detailed example of how games enhance instruction.


It's a comprehensive piece and well worth the read, but you'll have to be a member of NSTA to read it online. Those guys have all the fun.

01/06/2011 - 11:15