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Store Policies



All digital products purchased at the Filament Store are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you made a mistake during the checkout process and need to modify your order, please contact Customer Service.


Purchase Orders


As a convenience to our institutional customers, you have the option to pay via Purchase Order. The billing contact will be emailed an invoice after completion of checkout. Your subscription will not be activated until payment is received in full.




You may pre-order some subscriptions in advance of their availability to be eligible for special discounts and/or perks. If you pay by credit card, you will be charged the full amount on checkout. Your subscription will not be activated until the product is available.




When you purchase access to one of our products, you will receive a subscription for a fixed term that is indicated in your receipt. The term begins when the subscription is activated, and your subscription will automatically expire at the end of the term. You can see the amount of time remaining in your subscription in your Game Library. You are entitled to access all product enhancements during the term of your subscription.


Play Codes


There are no restrictions on how you distribute your play codes. However, each play code is associated with a license for a maximum number of concurrent users. Exceeding this maximum may result in blacklisting of the code, termination of your subscription, or suspension of your Subscriber Account. If you believe one of your play codes has been stolen or is being abused, please contact Customer Service and we will issue you a new code.


Saved Payment Info


Upon checkout, you will have the opportunity to save your payment information to your Subscriber Account. This information will be used to enable auto-renewal of your subscriptions and faster future purchases. This service is provided as a convenience to you and you have the right to update or delete that information at any time.




Upon checkout, you will have the opportunity to enable auto-renewal for each subscription.When your subscription is about to expire, the subscription will be extended by the initial term. You have the right to disable this feature any time after your subscription has been activated.