Win The White House

In Win the White House, players manage an end-to-end campaign for the U.S. presidency. Players create a customized gameplay experience by selecting their candidates’ appearance, home state, party, slogan, and platform issues. Using recruitment strategies, fund-raising, and media messaging campaigns, players develop their communication skills as they learn about electoral votes and campaign strategy. New improvements to the title include iOS and Android tablet support, updated visual assets, and a suite of new character avatar customization options.

Featuring refreshed content, all-new art, and a slew of exciting new features, iCivics’ newly-updated Win the White House challenges players with managing an end-to-end campaign for the U.S. presidency. With the help of campaign manager Ana, players customize their candidate, choose issues that matter to them, and conduct fundraising, polling, and media outreach efforts, developing their communication skills as they experience the electoral process firsthand on the campaign trail. Played more than 20 million times on, Win the White House now offers iOS and Android tablet support as well as all-new Spanish translation, voice over, and glossary features – making the game experience accessible to more learners than ever before!

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