About Filament Games

we create playful experiences that improve people’s lives

Founded in 2005, Filament Games is a full-service digital studio that specializes in learning game development on a for-hire basis. We’ve completed over 400 projects since our founding and have worked with some of the biggest names in education – folks like Amazon, Scholastic, Smithsonian, Oculus, National Geographic, PBS, Television Ontario (TVO), McGraw-Hill, and even the US Department of Education.

our approach

empowered partnerships

You know your business. We know educational game design. Our partnership approach empowers your team and embeds them at the core of the development process.

talent and experience

Educational games require a specific methodology – one which we’ve spent the last 18 years developing and perfecting. Our knowledge of the industry is unmatched, and at your disposal.

best practices-based methodology

With more than 200 projects under our belt, we know what works and what doesn’t. Our methodology will guide your project to the most impactful conclusion possible.

mature production processes

Our production team knows how to drive on-time and on-budget projects. You’ll have a clear view of progress from start to finish, and full confidence you’ll hit your deadlines.

go-to-market mentality

We don’t develop products in a vacuum. We take a holistic view of the product, business model, and identified market needs as well as your goals and learning outcomes for your learners.

culture of continuous improvement

Innovation is part of our company’s core values. Filament will always have a mentality of continuous improvement, so you’re always getting the best version of our team.

academic bonafides

We maintain strong connections to the world of digital learning theory. Regular engagement with our academic colleagues allows us to stay on the vanguard of game-based learning.

on-demand marketing services

Our accomplished marketing team can amplify your products through our content platforms, and can also partner with you to nominate projects for awards and speaking engagements.

edtech insiders

Our tenure in the industry has equipped us with an extensive network of Ed Tech leaders and organizations. Use our connections to explore future partnerships for interactive digital learning.

experts in institutional education

Our deep understanding of FERPA, COPPA, PII collection, and other student privacy considerations will infuse your product with turnkey privacy compliance, critical for schools.

making a learning game

The technical craft of making games for learning isn’t all that different from making entertainment video games. But we also have a lot in common with traditional e-learning companies who think about how to best engage learners.

so what’s different about working with an educational game developer?

impact and transfer

A well-made learning game creates an impact—whether the intended impact takes the form of new knowledge, broader empathy, or a fresh perspective. We’ll work with you to hone in on a set of learning objectives and outcomes. We’ll use this to inform everything about the game—the design, the visuals, and the mechanics are tuned to transfer knowledge, behaviors or mindsets to the player.

scaffolding and feedback

Scaffolding is critical to creating the “pleasing frustration” of learning and discovery. Our team balances the challenge of the game to meet each learner at their level, and can even design the game to speed up or slow down depending on the user. On the backend, we pour in a healthy dose of feedback to engage and motivate the player to keep going.

identity in action

In every game, you are asked to be someone – whether that be a war hero, a monkey, or waiter – that works with the narrative of the game. Our game design methodology takes this one step further, equipping learners with an inclusive identity that specifically empowers them to learn and succeed.

design for context

Learning can happen anywhere, and with the current state of technology, so can learning games. We work with our clients to tune the project to its hardware environment, educational use case, target end users, distribution plan, reporting needs, and any other critical consideration.

get to know us

We’re an eclectic group of professionals with a passion for learning. Learn more about us here!

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