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Publications International

The worlds of physical books and immersive virtual reality technologies have converged, creating an entirely new learning experience: VR Explorations. Developed for client Publications International and available exclusively at CostCo stores nationwide, each VR Explorations kit contains six hardcover Encyclopedia Britannica books, each book supplementing an included Android and iOS-compatible immersive VR experience. Once the app has been downloaded and a smartphone is placed in the bundled cardboard VR viewer, readers can access 3D environments associated with each book’s content, including interactive animations, videos, games and more.


Explore an African savanna packed with elephants, giraffes, and other exciting members of the animal kingdom.

Coral Reefs

Dive the Great Barrier Reef, discovering the beauty of coral and reef animals like sea turtles, jellyfish, rays, and more.


Visit a dinosaur dig site, uncovering fossils and watching as ancient reptiles come to life.

Earth and Stars

Take a virtual visit to the moon and observe stars, constellations, and planets in the night sky.


Journey through time on an epic expedition to see the routes of famous world explorers like Marco Polo, Ibn Battutah, and more.

Food Science

Explore agriculture, irrigation, and other food science concepts by visiting a family farm full of fun animals like pigs, cows, and chickens.

How Things Work

Step foot inside a clock tower, connecting basic physics concepts to simple machines such as pulleys, levers, and gears.


Shrink down to the size of a bug and observe the behaviors of butterflies, crickets, and other insects.

The Human Body

See the immune system in action as players visit the human bloodstream and watch the body fight off an infection.


Travel the globe, soaking in the beauty of famous architectural feats like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Taj Mahal.

Large Animals

Embark on a VR safari, seeing large animals in action such as lions, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and more.

Life on the Ice

Explore Antarctic waters, observing the traits and behaviors of animals like penguins, seals, and orcas.


Immerse yourself in a virtual kelp forest filled with fish, sharks, dolphins, and other marine wildlife.

Planet Earth

Embark on an expedition to a live volcano, observing bubbling geysers, eruptions, and lava from the safety of a volcanologist’s observation station.

Plants and Trees

Transport yourself to a lush deciduous forest, observing how plant life is affected as the seasons change.


Explore the mysterious surface of the moon and marvel at the stars and constellations lining the night sky.


Take a flight through time and watch as the Wright Brothers soar through the sky at Kitty Hawk.

Wildlife Wonders

Soak in the breathtaking beauty of the Sonoran Desert, learning about the landscape and its wildlife along the way.

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