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Educational Games and AI (Part 2)

We’ve been writing for a while now about how the future of game-based learning is upon us with tools such as VR and AI.

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Whether AI is aiding teachers with assessments and cutting down on grading time, or helping to make education more accessible to all with tools such as AI tutors, or even detecting mental illnesses in a child’s speech, it is clear that the possibilities of AI and education are boundless. Research continues into the exponential potential of AI, along with consideration of its drawbacks and challenges when used in the classroom. But what are some recent developments when it comes to AI in educational games?

AI is responsible for a significant increase in demand for game-based learning resources, and as such, funding for game-based learning initiatives is on the rise, especially when it comes to resources for young learners and games to teach STEM skills. Here are a few examples of recent AI educational games that are heralding the next generation of game-based learning.

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With a playful name reminiscent of the popular social media app TikTok, TikTalk is a speech therapy AI system for elementary school students. This new technology intends to address challenges long observed by speech-language pathologists and their patients, and to make speech therapy less repetitive and more engaging. It was developed by speech-language pathologists and uses machine learning to tailor therapy to each patient more seamlessly than ever before. TikTalk contains games for patients to use out of therapy, making practice outside of the office enjoyable. 


Fingerspelling.xyz is an American Sign Language learning game that aims to address gaps in the early development among deaf and hard of hearing children. This free web browser game allows parents and children alike to work on learning the ASL alphabet and fingerspelling words. 

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Switching gears from games powered by AI to games that teach about AI, Zodiac was developed by Filament Games in collaboration with NYU CREATE and CyberScape Studios back in 2019. This game teaches international middle and high school students all about AI and how it works by modeling AI concepts (such as machine learning) through gameplay. These concepts are embedded into a compelling sci-fi narrative, so learning about the inner workings of artificial intelligence is emotionally captivating as well as informative.  

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