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REMINDER: Sign Up to Be a RoboCo Closed Alpha Tester!

Hello friends and followers of Filament! By now, you’ve likely heard that we’re making a wholesome robotics sandbox game called RoboCo – and if you haven’t, our latest trailer makes for a great introduction! Check it out:

As you saw at the end of the trailer, RoboCo is coming to Steam Early Access for PC desktop and VR in 2021 – so needless to say, we’re a ways away from release. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until next year to get your hands on RoboCo! 

As previously teased on our blog (and the RoboCo dev blog!), we’re currently seeking participants who would like to sign up to become RoboCo closed alpha testers! You can learn more and sign up using this form – but in summary, registrants will receive limited-time access to a development build of RoboCo in fall 2020, and will have the opportunity to play and share their feedback and experiences with our dev team. It’ll be a lot of fun – and super helpful for us as we continue development towards our Steam Early Access release! 

We’ll have more details to share on our closed alpha timeline in the coming months – but in the meantime, check out the links below for other ways to stay in the loop on our development progress. Until next time!

Learn more about RoboCo and follow our development progress:

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