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Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor founded iCivics in 2009 with one mission: to reimagine civic education through interactive and engaging learning game-based learning resources. Offering a suite of over 20 web and mobile civics learning games covering topics from the federal to local level, iCivics is the largest and most active game-based learning platform in the world. Not only is the platform popular, it is also trusted by educators: when surveyed, 95% of teachers said that iCivics is a trusted and non-partisan resource which fosters civil conversations about current events in their classrooms.

Executive Command

Designed to teach players about the realities of decision making in the presidency, Executive Command challenges players to balance the demands of promoting their agenda to Congress, reviewing bills, executing laws, acting as Commander-in-Chief in time of war, and so much more. New enhancements to Executive Command include a full aesthetic makeover, game content additions and refinements, as well as increased player options and just-in-time feedback through dynamic media coverage mechanics.

Do I Have A Right?

In iCivics’ new and improved Do I Have A Right?, players run their own firm of lawyers who specialize in constitutional law. Players must determine if potential clients have a right, match them with the best lawyer, and win the case. Recent upgrades to the game include a Spanish-language version (¿Tengo Algún Derecho?), an English-language voice over option, embedded scaffolds for language learners and struggling readers, a Bill of Rights mode, new art, greater customization options for one’s avatar and law firm, updated music, and enhanced gameplay mechanics.

Immigration Nation

iCivics’ newly-remastered Immigration Nation challenges players with guiding newcomers along their path to citizenship, teaching eligibility requirements for legal U.S. residence through strategic, turn-based gameplay. Improvements to Immigration Nation include refreshed visuals and content, the introduction of an in-game glossary containing definitions of key words, and all-new Spanish language and English Language Learner (ELL) support features.

NewsFeed Defenders

NewsFeed Defenders tasks players with moderating a fictional social media website focused on news and information, attempting to grow a flourishing user base while fighting against dubious posts containing clickbait, viral deception, and biased content. Designed to sharpen players' media literacy skills, the game engages players with the standards of journalism, showing how to spot a variety of methods behind the viral deception many online face daily – a uniquely 21st century problem that requires an innovative 21st century solution to address.

Win The White House

Featuring refreshed content, all-new art, and a slew of exciting new features, iCivics’ newly-updated Win the White House challenges players with managing an end-to-end campaign for the U.S. presidency. With the help of campaign manager Ana, players customize their candidate, choose issues that matter to them, and conduct fundraising, polling, and media outreach efforts, developing their communication skills as they experience the electoral process firsthand on the campaign trail. Played more than 20 million times on iCivics.org, Win the White House now offers iOS and Android tablet support as well as all-new Spanish translation, voice over, and glossary features – making the game experience accessible to more learners than ever before!

Race to Ratify

Race to Ratify explores the core ideas of the ratification debate. The game drops the player into 1787 America, with the Constitution freshly inked and a heated debate raging about the new plan for American Government. Players align themselves with the Federalists or Anti-Federalists and take on the role of a pamphleteer, traveling across 13 states to hear from opinionated characters who inform the player’s arguments about ratification. Using those arguments to craft pamphlets, players influence the states' answers to one simple question: to ratify, or not to ratify.

Cast Your Vote

In iCivics’ remake of Cast Your Vote, players find out what it takes to become an informed voter – from discovering where they stand on important issues to uncovering what they need to know about candidates. Watch candidates engage with issues in town hall debates, peruse online news and social media for additional insights, and collect valuable info using in-game notetaking features. New improvements to Cast Your Vote include refreshed visuals and content, the introduction of an in-game glossary containing definitions of key concepts, and a full Spanish translation.

Counties Work

In Counties Work, students learn about local government by playing a county official responding to citizen requests. The objective of the game is to keep citizens happy and manage county resources responsibly. Students have to make critical determinations as they run the county, such as deciding if citizens are making sensible requests, finding which department of local government can resolve citizen requests, and analyzing whether taxes need to be raised or lowered to keep a balanced budget. Students also have to figure out what the best action is when crisis strikes.

Branches of Power

In iCivics’ newly-updated Branches of Power, players take charge of all three branches of the U.S. government, exploring the various roles and responsibilities of each. Juggling tasks like creating a presidential agenda, introducing and passing laws out of Congress, and applying judicial review to passed laws, learners gain an improved understanding of the complexities of the legislative, executive and judicial branches. Built from the ground up with a focus on public policy issues that are most relevant to today’s students, other new features include Spanish language support, an in-game glossary of key definitions, and iOS/Android tablet support.

Court Quest

Get behind the wheel of the Justice Express and help passengers navigate their way through the U.S. judicial system in iCivics’ newly-remastered Court Quest! Along the way, players explore the complexities of both state and federal courts, picking up passengers and learning about their legal cases before dropping them off at the court that’s best suited for their needs. Built from the ground up with new cases designed to resonate with students from all demographics and backgrounds, the game also features a full Spanish translation, helpful in-game glossary tools, and support for iOS and Android tablets.

Argument Wars

Love disagreements and debates? In iCivics’ newly-updated Argument Wars, learners put their persuasive abilities to the test by arguing a real Supreme Court case. Featuring brand new card-based gameplay mechanics, players face off against rival lawyers in landmark cases such as Brown v. Board of Education, Miranda v. Arizona, Texas v. Johnson, and more. Other new enhancements include Spanish language support, an in-game glossary of key terms, and iOS/Android tablet support.


iCivics’ newly-remastered LawCraft immerses learners in the lawmaking process of Congress. After selecting a district to represent in the House of Representatives, players are tasked with reviewing letters from constituents, analyzing and evaluating survey data, and determining which issues are most important to them and the citizens of their district. Players then simulate the lawmaking process, balancing competing interests in an effort to get their bills passed by the House and Senate and create meaningful legislation that addresses national issues.

People’s Pie

In People’s Pie, players learn that managing a national budget is a balancing act. Players must create and balance a budget, keep their citizens happy, and make crucial decisions on taxes, how much money to borrow, and how much to spend. While playing the game, players will learn how to analyze federal tax and spending policies, and how they affect the national budget and the national debt. They will also be able to explain how taxes support the economy as a function of the government, describe the various types of services provided through federal taxes, and more.

Convene the Council

Step inside the White House Situation Room! Made in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, Convene the Council is a game where players learn about the different considerations behind foreign policy decisions. Players must address international crises and take strategic action, weighing the pros and cons of each situation with the members of the National Security Council. Players discover the sacrifices and risks it may take to improve U.S. values like prosperity, security, and world health.

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