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Twin Cities PBS: TPT

Launched alongside and featuring characters from PBS KIDS’ Hero Elementary animated series, we partnered with Twin Cities PBS (TPT) to create a suite of accompanying educational games. Made possible thanks to a generous Ready to Learn Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, each game challenges players to solve real-world problems by applying their STEM knowledge and harnessing the Superpowers of Science. Since launching in 2020, these games have been played more than 5 million times across PBS KIDS’ website and mobile app.

Super Seasons Snapshots

Super Seasons Snapshots is a puzzle game that helps players develop their observational skills by snapping photographs of humans, animals, and plants through the seasons. By collecting photo sets and earning badges, learners discover the various ways in which ecosystems are affected by seasonal change.

AJ’s Recycle Rescue

In AJ’s Recycle Rescue, players help Citytown hero AJ Gadgets harness the power of recycling to positively impact the world around them. By gathering discarded items like wooden boards, rope, and tires and upcycling them into usable playground equipment for the heroes of Citytown, players gain a deeper understanding of key conservation concepts as they observe how our actions affect the environment.

Push Pull Puzzles

In Push Pull Puzzles, players deepen their understanding of how the shape and size of an object affects the way that object moves through a series of challenging puzzles. With an emphasis on the actions of pushing and pulling, players will learn about basic physics and the concept of force, as well as how factors like ramps, ledges, rolling, and weight can impact force and motion.

Properties of Matter

In Properties of Matter, players are tasked with helping toads navigate their environment by supplying them with bridges that have different matter properties like tough, brittle, absorbent, stretchy, and so on. Depending on the property of the material, the bridges will be more or less effective for helping the toads get through, teaching learners about the practical impact of matter properties.

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