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McGraw Hill Education

Designed to address Next Generation Science Standards, McGraw-Hill Education’s Inspire Science curriculum blends science and STEM concepts with problem-based learning, literacy, and math skills. Filament Games developed four engaging learning games as a key component of this exciting new core curriculum – each designed to encourage experimentation, critical thinking, and self-guided learning through play.

Save Our Spheres

In Save Our Spheres, players explore how atmospheric pollution negatively impacts the environment. Through thought-provoking turn-based gameplay, players must carefully consider how each decision they make affects Earth’s atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, with just-in-time feedback presented to the player in the form of stunningly animated visuals.

Animobile Adventures

In Animobile Adventures, players embark on a worldwide adventure to learn how animal traits interact with their environmental context. Driven by interactions with a safari guide named Ruby, players evaluate the different features of each climate and the different challenges each environment presents to its inhabitants. As players travel the globe they must overcome obstacles by adding traits to their Animobile, demonstrating how various behaviors and traits are suited to certain environments.

Cosmic Pet Pods

In Cosmic Pet Pods, players learn about the ways that animal traits are adapted to their environments by running an intergalactic animal hotel. Players are given agency over both animal placement and the environments chosen for those animals, allowing them to observe the relationships and interactions between traits and environment from multiple perspectives, finding their own individual path to understanding.

Pinball Energy Challenge

Pinball Energy Challenge teaches about the transfer of energy through unique pinball-style gameplay. Just-in-time feedback lets the player know when energy transformations have taken place, like when a turbine converts the energy of motion into electrical energy. Players navigate tricky obstacles, discover 19 different energy reacting objects, and learn all about energy transformations while solving mind-bending physics energy puzzles.

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