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Check Out These Robots!

It’s RoboCo release month! If you’re new to the blog or catching up, RoboCo, our robotics sandbox game, was released on Steam Early Access for PC earlier this month. On November 3, 2022, to be precise! Here on the Filament Games blog, we covered release features, The Platinum Cup (a Discord-only launch race), and more on release day. But there’s so much more RoboCo where that came from!

Did you know that RoboCo has its own devblog? Here, our team provides RoboCo players with updates on development, behind-the-scenes information you won’t find anywhere else, and tons of wacky RoboCo-related content. While the devblog won’t be updated weekly like it was before the game’s release, we still highly recommend following it as we take RoboCo from Early Access to Version 1.0!

To continue our month-long celebration of this splendid STEM game (that’s been in development since 2017!), today we’re featuring some of the best robots and robo-antics the game has seen over the past couple of years. If you’re thinking about buying the game but want to see beyond the trailer first, both the official RoboCo YouTube channel and the official RoboCo Devblog have just what you need. 

Let us know your thoughts about RoboCo on Facebook or Twitter. Without further delay, let’s check out some robots!

The RoboCo YouTube Channel: Check Out Our Robots 

First, we want to introduce you (or perhaps reintroduce you) to a series called “Check Out Our Robots” that lives on the RoboCo YouTube channel. RoboCo would be nothing without its community, and this series is dedicated to highlighting the fantastic robots created within it! 

Check Out Our Robots | Episode #1

The inaugural episode of this series features robots created by the RoboCo dev team, 2022 FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge (FGRC21) competitors, and Discord members. These robots represent some of the most impressive engineering feats that can take place in the game. Check out the episode to see an impressive coffee delivery, a dinosaur bot completely ruining the vibe, the FGRC21 Team Algeria’s winning robot, Morgana, and much more!

Check Out Our Robots | Episode 2

The second episode of Check Out Our Robots primarily features robots from the 2022 Steam Next Festival but also includes additional robots from the dev team, FGRC21, and the Discord that weren’t included in the first episode. Smash that play button to see a dancing ankylosaurus, a sandwich launched instead of merely delivered, a robot taking out the trash(?), and more. 

The RoboCo Devblog: Did You See It? RoboCo Content Showcases

Moving on to the RoboCo devblog, we’re revisiting “Did You See It?”, a recurring series that highlights the coolest robocreations that can be found on social media! More specifically, on YouTube, Discord, TikTok, and Twitter (and sometimes Twitch and Instagram)!

Did You See It? – RoboCo Content Showcase #1

The first segment of “Did You See It?” was posted in October of 2021, and includes a video from a longtime player of RoboCo – Scrapman! If you’re unfamiliar with that name, Scrapman is a YouTube content creator with over 500k followers. You can also check out his most recent RoboCo video below!

But that’s not all! This installment of the series also includes featured content from the official RoboCo TikTok and Twitter. In this roundup of content, you can check out more creations from our Discord community, meet the RoboCo team, and more.

Did You See It? – RoboCo Content Showcase #2

Continuing on through our community’s confounding, careful, and kooky creations, “Did You See It?” #2, posted in December 2021, features the FGRC21 playoffs, a video from kAN Gaming (another YouTuber and longtime RoboCo player), and more – this time including content from Twitch and Instagram too. Speaking of kAN Gaming, he streamed the game right around RoboCo’s release day, and you can watch the recorded stream below!

We also have to mention that this content showcase also included RoboCo Discord community darling, Derpbot, which you may be familiar with, as it makes an appearance in the OTK Games Expo Cinematic Trailer around 34 seconds in. Derpbot is the original creator of Discord member Jo_Barnes. RoboCo wouldn’t be RoboCo without Derpbot. Just look at his little face.

Created by Whackamoley109 on Discord

Did You See It? – RoboCo Content Showcase #3

In the third installment of this content showcase series, posted May 2022, we feature another video from kAN Gaming, as well as videos from YouTubers Yeti and Steve’s Makerspace. And what do you know? Yeti also happened to recently upload a RoboCo stream!

Another YouTuber and longtime RoboCo engineer, Durf, also made a RoboCo Emote Generator. You can learn more about it in the video below.

Durf has also made plenty of RoboCo videos since launch – check them out on his YouTube channel

Did You See It? – RoboCo Content Showcase #4

Our most recent segment of “Did You See It?” comes from September 2022, and includes videos from kAN Gaming, Durf, and cazum8. It also features retro RoboCo content from 2020: a video from Scrapman and Robbaz, filmed way back in the days of the Robopast. 

Wow! This was quite the trip down memory lane and a reminder of how much our community means to us. Every day, our team is in awe of the creativity, intellect, and humor surrounding the game. 

You can be a part of the RoboCo community too! Connect with other community members by joining our official Discord and Reddit. For the latest updates on RoboCo, follow the game’s official Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

You can buy RoboCo on Steam Early Access for PC right now!

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