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Game-Based Assessments for Hiring

When we think of games in a corporate setting, what usually springs to mind are training simulators, gamified reward structures, or perhaps a brisk match of KanJam. There’s another side to corporate games and game-based learning though, and it kicks in before you even get through the door. More so than ever, companies everywhere are using game-based hiring and recruitment tools to scale up their workforce, enabling themselves to sift through numerous applicants quickly and match their skills to the right positions. Here’s a few of the leaders in the space, along with how their approach sets them apart:


Scoutible’s website warmly welcomes you to the future of hiring, and for good reason – their game-based artificial intelligence has caught the eye of some notable investors, including Mark Cuban, a shark of Shark Tank and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Joel Poloney, the founder of FarmVille, a well-known Facebook game. Scoutible offers a psychology-based hiring platform that uses immersive adventure games and sophisticated machine learning to pinpoint perfect-fit candidates for jobs. Scoutible’s technology aims to measure a person’s unique cognitive and personality traits through gameplay, and then spots opportunities where those applicants could thrive. 


Boon frames itself as the next evolution of the era of digital hiring, building on the legacy of LinkedIn with a service that looks to facilitate both recruitment and retention. Boon’s approach to recruitment is facilitated by “semantic matching algorithms and proactive referral requests,” designed to facilitate not just traditional jobs matchmaking but actual conversations through their digital platform. It’s a bold approach that could really streamline retention for employers.


Founded by Harvard grad Guy Halfteck, Knack is a predictive hiring app and mobile platform that works to discover uncover user’s potential and connect them with learning, education, job opportunities and entrepreneurship, all using the power of behavioral science, AI, and smart video games. It’s a lofty goal and Knack has a set of services to back it up, serving five separate verticals including Business, Education, People, Government, and Society, Knack offers everything from Predictive Hiring to Personalized Graduate Support, helping users realize their career potential at every step along the way. 


Providing a more retention-oriented gamification service, Blueboard is an employee reward system that amplifies employee recognition and emphasizes experiences as motivators. With a centralized system designed to remove lag time between good performance and reward, Bluebeard allows employers to distribute access to experiences that fall into a variety of intriguing categories, including Discover, Relax, Food & Drink, Entertainment, Getaways, Active, Make A Difference, and Adrenaline – a set of options designed to meet at least one criteria of everyone in the organization. Whether your top performer wants to swim with whale sharks or take singing lessons, Blueboard has you covered. 

These are just a few of the different game-based hiring services out in this steadily growing market. If you’re looking to throw your hat in the ring, we’d love to partner with you – contact us for a free consultation!

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