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Resource Roundup: Game-based Learning and Real-Life Issues

It’s the end of another month, and we have another roundup of game-based learning resources for you! This month, we explored the intersection of game-based learning and real-life issues from all different angles. From pressing global challenges to everyday life skills, we’ve gathered an array of articles that highlight how video games can tackle these topics head-on. Buckle up and get ready for the real-life impact of educational games!

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Using Digital Games to Teach Real-World Issues (Part 2)

This blog explores how video games can offer immersive learning experiences about significant real-world issues. Like its predecessor, it discusses three crucial subjects where games can make a difference: Global Health and Pandemics, Political Conflicts and Diplomacy, and Crisis Management and Disaster Preparedness. This blog lists different video games that teach players about topics from vaccine hesitancy, to foreign policy decision-making, to assembling an emergency kit in the case of a natural disaster. These games contribute to a more informed and prepared generation by offering players a unique and engaging way to learn about these serious topics. 🌎

More Excellent Conservation and Environmental Science Games

In this blog, we compiled a list of remarkable environmentally-themed video games. These games not only captivate players, but also serve as conduits for conservation and environmental science education. From games that restore life to desolate landscapes to those that explore the mysteries of the ocean depths and extraterrestrial ecosystems, these titles encourage players to reflect on their connection to the Earth. By combining entertainment with education, these games inspire players to become more environmentally conscious and responsible. 🌿

Video Games and Civil Rights Learning (Part 2)

This post sheds light on video games’ capacity to immerse players in diverse experiences related to civil rights. Whether through historical narratives uncovering past injustices or contemporary stories addressing ongoing struggles, these civil rights learning games engage players actively with issues of equality and justice. They encourage players to broaden their perspectives and inspire them to advocate for positive change in their communities and beyond. The article introduces a selection of high-quality games that explore civil rights worldwide, and each game provides a unique opportunity for players to learn, empathize, and become advocates for positive change in the world. 🪧

Using Games to Teach Young Learners About Climate Change

Video games can be potent tools for educating students about climate change in an engaging and non-distressing manner. In this blog, we underline the innovative way video games can raise awareness and inspire action on one of the most critical issues of our time. We highlight the essential attributes that effective climate change educational games should possess, including immersion, interactivity, and a sense of agency. Then, we explore various types of games that tackle climate change education, such as those centered around environmental exploration, simulating consequences, fostering empathy, and inspiring real-world action. Lastly, we discuss the gaming industry’s role in climate action, including initiatives and collaborations with the United Nations. With the right attributes and content, games can serve as a catalyst for nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious citizens! 🪸

Games as Tools for Mental Health Awareness and Support

This month we also covered the evolving role of video games in fostering mental health awareness and providing support. Games can provide stress relief, allow players to practice emotional regulation, build communities, and ultimately, work to reduce the stigma around mental health conditions. In this blog, we investigate how both independent and major game developers are increasingly addressing mental health issues in their games, fostering open dialogues between players and the media on subjects related to mental health. 🧠

Using Video Games to Foster Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is a vital skill, but traditional teaching methods often fall short, especially for young learners! This blog explains how video games offer students an engaging and risk-free environment for learning about finances, allowing players to experiment and make mistakes without real-world consequences. Games like Animal Crossing and Minecraft subtly teach important financial lessons, while our dedicated educational games like RoboSellers and JA Titan offer practical approaches to understanding financial concepts and decision-making. Overall, video games help educators and parents ensure that their students and children become financially empowered citizens. 💸

Research Roundup: Video Games and Civic Engagement

Lastly, we wrote about the latest research on the relationship between game-based learning and civic engagement. Civic engagement is essential for understanding and participating in government affairs, and these recent studies show how video games can enhance civic education. For example, one study shows that serious games improve knowledge and skills related to civics, sustainability, and conflict resolution. Another experiment involving college students found that a game-based platform increased political engagement, knowledge, and voter registration. Political video games were also found to enhance civic engagement, making players better informed and more likely to engage in formal political activities. These findings demonstrate that video games can make for more informed and politically active citizens, offering accessibility and engagement in civic matters! 🗳️

And there you have it! This month, we thoroughly explored the synergy between game-based learning and real-life issues. These articles all point to the incredible potential of educational games to not only educate but also inspire change and embolden individuals to address the challenges they face in the real world. 

We hope you’ve found these insights enlightening, and that they motivate you to explore game-based learning as a medium for addressing the issues that matter most. If you have an idea for a video game that will make a difference in the lives of others, we want to hear from you! Contact us for a free consultation. 

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