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More Excellent Edtech, STEM, and Game-based Learning Podcasts

If you’re anything like us (which is likely, if you’re reading this blog in the first place) you’re passionate about game-based learning, edtech, STEM, and everything in between. Whether you’re a regular reader of our blog or a new visitor, we know you’re here because you’re eager to explore some captivating podcasts that align with your interests. For game-based learning enthusiasts like us, there’s a treasure trove of podcasts to explore. Read on for a collection of podcasts that will further ignite your passion for learning, gaming, and technology!

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Check out the roundup of high-quality podcasts below, and then let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we missed any of your favorites. Can’t get enough of edtech, game-based learning, STEM, and technology podcasts? We have more suggestions for you here and here!


EdUp EdTech 

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EdUp EdTech is a captivating podcast dedicated to the exciting realm of – you guessed it – educational technology. Hosted by knowledgeable experts, Holly Owens and Nadia Johnson, the podcast delves into the most recent trends, advancements, and game-changing developments at the crossroads of education and technology. Through engaging episodes, they present thought-provoking discussions with industry founders, innovators, and influential figures in the world of edtech and beyond. Speaking of influential figures in the edtech space, did you know that our CEO Dan White was featured on this podcast? Go give the episode a listen to learn more about digital robotics, 21st-century skills, and much more!

Ignite EdTech Podcast

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Hosted by edtech consultant Craig Kemp, the Ignite EdTech Podcast offers a weekly exploration of the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology, startups, and the world of education. Craig shares his valuable insights into various edtech tools suitable for K-12 schools, providing practical advice on their authentic and purposeful integration in the classroom. Additionally, the podcast features engaging conversations with prominent educational experts and thought leaders from around the world. If you’re eager to stay updated on the latest edtech trends and leverage technology effectively in education, subscribing to this podcast is a must!

HiTech Podcast

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Dedicated to supporting educators in exploring the most effective ways to leverage technology in both traditional and virtual classrooms, the HiTech Podcast is hosted by Josh Swartz and William Illingworth. Swartz and Illingworth share a passion for education and are committed to enhancing teaching and learning experiences. Josh’s love for technology, theology, and learning, combined with William’s background in education and nonprofit settings drives their mission to seek and share innovative tools and methods for solving teaching and learning challenges. This podcast aims to inspire educators to embrace technology’s potential and discover new ways to improve the educational journey for themselves and their students!


Science is Cool Unplugged 

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PocketLab’s Science is Cool Unplugged (ScIC) podcast is an engaging and educational series that celebrates the wonders of science in a fun and accessible way. Hosted by Dave Bakker, this podcast covers various scientific topics and concepts, presenting them in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. The episodes are designed to be interactive and hands-on, allowing listeners to explore and experiment with science outside of traditional classroom settings. Through fascinating discussions, real-life examples, and practical demonstrations, the podcast aims to ignite curiosity and passion for science among audiences of all ages. Want an inside look into digital robotics and the engineering design process? There’s an episode of ScIC for that – featuring Filament CEO Dan White

Unprofessional Engineering

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Offering an engaging and enjoyable exploration of science, technology, machinery, engineering, and the intriguing history behind everyday objects, the Unprofessional Engineering podcast is for everyone. Whether you’re an adult fascinated by STEM subjects or a parent seeking a fun and educational way to get your kids interested in science and engineering, this podcast is the perfect choice. Each week, the hosts break down complex engineering topics into easily understandable and entertaining discussions that cater to all audiences. It’s a quick and delightful way to learn about the wonders of engineering and the fascinating stories behind the things we encounter in our daily lives.

The STEMcast

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The STEMcast Podcast is a monthly, concise discussion dedicated to all things STEM. Hosted by Latifa Al-Khalifa, co-founder and CEO of Clever Play, the podcast provides on-the-go insights into current events and captivating STEM stories that aim to empower and inspire listeners. With a focus on sharing the wonders of STEM fields, the podcast is a source of knowledge and motivation for anyone interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

How to Save the World 

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In this podcast, Katie Patrick, an environmental engineer, designer, and author, explores the core motivations that drive people to take action for the planet. Through an intriguing intellectual journey, the How to Save the World podcast delves into the environmental psyche, backed by scientific research from esteemed institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. By examining the latest findings in behavioral science, Patrick reveals evidence-based strategies to effectively encourage others to embrace environmental causes, products, or behaviors. Want to know how educational games could work to save the planet? Here’s an episode on the art of designing games for impact, education, and ultimately, real-world action, featuring Dan White!

Game-based Learning

Filament Games Podcast

This podcast can’t ever be left out of a list of excellent podcasts on the Filament Games blog – after all, it’s a show focused entirely on game-based learning! Plus, we created it and we’re quite proud of it, too. Listeners of the Filament Games Podcast can explore various aspects of game-based learning, discussing its impact, effectiveness, and potential in enhancing the learning experience. Whether you’re an educator, student, or someone intrigued by the intersection of gaming and education, our podcast offers valuable insights and discussions on the subject of game-based learning. Check out our fourth season, which includes conversations with iCivic’s Carrie Ray-Hill, FIRST’s Chris Rake, and more guests you’re not going to want to miss

Experience Points

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University XP’s Experience Points podcast is a captivating series that delves into the world of gamification and its applications in education. Hosted by Ph.D. Dave Eng, the podcast explores how game-like elements can enhance the learning experience and engage students in various academic settings. Each episode features insightful discussions and interviews with educators, researchers, and experts who share their experiences and expertise in implementing gamification strategies. The podcast offers practical insights, innovative ideas, and success stories, making it a valuable resource for educators and anyone interested in leveraging gamification to create more effective and enjoyable learning environments. Also, rumor has it that our CEO Dan White is going to make an appearance on this show shortly!

We hope you enjoyed exploring these remarkable podcasts that delve into the fascinating worlds of edtech, STEM, and game-based learning. From discovering the latest trends in educational technology to understanding the wonders of science and engineering, these podcasts offer a plethora of insights and knowledge for all ages. For everyone reading who is interested in exploring new horizons in education, consider these podcasts your go-to resources. Happy listening!

After listening to these incredible shows, are you feeling inspired? We are. If you’re motivated to harness the power of game-based learning for good, we have you covered. We’re educational game developers with 18 years of industry experience, and we want to talk to you about your project. Send us a message and let’s chat!

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