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10 Amazing Edtech, Robotics, STEM, and Game-based Learning Podcasts

There’s a podcast for practically everything and everyone. Luckily for us, that means there’s an abundance of podcasts on game-based learning, edtech, STEM, robotics, and other related topics we’re passionate about! Whether you’re a frequent reader of our blog, or just stumbled upon it now, chances are you found your way here because you were looking for some new game-based learning podcasts to dive into. 

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And do we have the selection for you! Check out the following roundup of ten high-quality edtech, robotics, STEM, and game-based learning podcasts, then let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we missed any of your favorites!

Edtech/Game-based Learning

The LearnIt Podcast

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If you’re curious about the future of education and its relationship to technology, this is the podcast for you! The LearnIt Podcast is hosted by Jenny Anderson, an author and former journalist. The podcast focuses on how technology can change, reform, and equalize education. The show features many different guests, ranging from school leaders, tech entrepreneurs, to engineers. Educators, parents, and anyone else curious about edtech is sure to learn something new by giving The LearnIt Podcast a listen. For a summary of the podcast in the host’s own words, check out the trailer below.

The EdTech Takeout

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Hosted by Jonathan Wylie and Mindy Cairney from the Grant Wood AEA Digital Learning Team in Iowa, The EdTech Takeout podcast is for teachers looking for innovative ways to incorporate technology into their classrooms. Aligned with its title, the podcast’s slogan is “Bite-Sized Technology Tips for Teachers” and features episodes under an hour long on topics from esports to asynchronous learning to edtech mythbusting. Whether you’re new to the profession or experienced, this podcast is here to help any educator level up their classroom with technology! Check out their episode on esports below.

Beyond the technology: The education 4.0 podcas‪t‬

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This is another podcast perfect for those invested in the intersection of education and technology, and how together they will affect the future! Beyond the technology: The education 4.0 podcas‪t‬ is a podcast brought to listeners by Jisc, a non-profit UK-based company that supports higher education institutions with digital resources. As the title implies, this podcast investigates the challenges, advantages, and changes that come with Education 4.0, a movement that “focuses on smart technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics” to prepare students fully for the technology-saturated workforce of the present and future. The show covers a wide array of topics, including accessible technology, VR, and a personal favorite of ours, using games to engage students

Easy EdTech Podcast with Monica Burns

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Dr. Monica Burns is an author, speaker, and owner of the Class Tech Tips blog. If you’re an educator who wants to integrate more technology into your lessons, but don’t know how to start, this is the podcast for you! On the Easy EdTech Podcast, Dr. Burns offers simple and effective ways to transform your classroom. This show is a salve to any of the anxiety or stress a teacher may have when it comes to edtech, and it provides edtech tools and tips for everyday use. In other words, this podcast will demonstrate to a listener that edtech can be easy and breezy (and possibly even beautiful).

Tech in EdTech

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The Tech in Edtech podcast features a variety of guests from a variety of perspectives, including educators, creatives, and other professionals who are passionate about learning. The breadth of the show is wide, covering the latest edtech news and new perspectives on a variety of intersections between technology and education. Some topics that have been covered on this podcast include social-emotional learning, equity and access in education, and project-based learning. Keep up with the latest and greatest in edtech with the Tech in Edtech podcast!


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Ben Whitaker and Dan Fitzpatrick, educators, co-hosts of the EduFuturists podcast, and founders of the EduTech Project, believe that education needs a revolution. To elaborate in their own words: “We are led to believe that the education system will continually evolve to meet the needs of learners and society. This has not happened. We need a revolution!” As their podcast grew, the EduFuturist podcast began to focus more and more on risk-taking and reimagining education – and the thought leaders who are making this possible. With episodes on empathy, AI, the metaverse, and more, this podcast is sure to expand your view on the uses of edtech and the future of education! Check out a recent episode below:

The Filament Games Podcast

The Filament Games Podcast is a podcast centered entirely around – you guessed it – game-based learning! So far, we’ve released three seasons, and each episode of the FGP stars co-hosts Brandon Pittser and Dan Norton alongside a new guest each episode. Looking for wholesome discussion of trending EdTech and game-based learning news, what’s new at Filament Games, and other topics relevant to the world of games and AR/VR for learning? Check out the FGP on SoundCloud. Also, stay tuned for more… 


Let’s talk robotics

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Let’s talk robotics, hosted by Exaptec CEO Nicci Rossouw, keeps listeners on the cutting-edge of what’s new in robotics. Guests include academics, entrepreneurs and CEOS, engineers, and more – offering a wide range of perspectives on how robots are changing our world, and how our world is changing robotics. Though the podcast has an emphasis on robotics happenings in the host’s homeland of Australia, she also interviews guests from around the globe – including our CEO, Dan White! To learn more about the future and the design of our upcoming sandbox robotics game RoboCo, the power of the play and experimentation that educational video games allow students, and more, listen to the episode on the Exaptec website or Apple Podcasts.

The K12 Engineering Education Podcast

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Interested in inspiring young learners? How about making engineering and other STEM-related fields more accessible to all? Then the K12 Engineering Education Podcast is perfect for you. Produced and hosted by engineer Pius Wong of Pios Labs, this podcast demonstrates how educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and parents alike can promote engineering education and thinking to students of all ages. Through interviews with various professionals in the engineering education space, Wong discusses edtech, equity, pedagogy, and more in-depth. One of those discussions was with our CEO, Dan White, about a video game for designing robots. Check out the episode on The K12 Engineering Education Podcast website, or on PRX, and listen to a sneak peek of the episode below!


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The Embedded.fm podcast is the podcast for STEM enthusiasts. Hosted by Elecia White and Christopher White, the show covers a myriad of engineering and other STEM-related professionals and change-makers, giving listeners an inside look at their lives, careers, and interests. From robotics and education to steampunk and voice acting, this podcast has a little bit of everything, both machine and human, to keep listeners entertained and informed for hours on end! Check out one of Embedded.fm’s latest episodes below.

Happy listening, friends of Filament! If you can’t get enough of the podcasts listed here, check out our previous round-up of edtech and game-based learning podcasts. If you want to make your own mark on the future of education with game-based learning, reach out to us for a free consultation!

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