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Introducing The Filament Games Podcast!

Welcome to the Filament Games Podcast!

Co-hosts Dan Norton and Brandon Pittser bring you trending game industry news, the inside scoop on Filament Games, and enough entertainment and sports talk to fill your week.

We’ve released seven episodes for your listening enjoyment. New episodes are available weekly on our blog and downloadable through SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher!

FGP 1: Real Games. Real Learning

In our pilot episode, co-hosts Dan Norton and Brandon Pittser discuss the rich history of Filament Games and what it takes to make real games that inspire real learning.

FGP 2: Commercial Games & the EDU Market

Join us on the Filament Games Podcast for a look at the educational video games industry and whether or not we think there’s space in that industry for commercial games.

FGP 3: Games: Identity, Agency, & Systems

This week Dan continues his quest for a good mobile game and the team gets crushed in Hearthstone. Plus, we discuss the benefits of games in the classroom (aside from engagement) and reveal the six tenets of basketball.

FGP 4: Games & Education

In FGP 4 we answer questions from educators submitted to us by former Teacher Fellow Marianne Malmstrom. Tune in to hear how games can transform the classroom experience and provide students with a new way of thinking.

FGP 5: Creative Professionals

This week on the Filament Games Podcast, co-hosts Dan Norton and Brandon Pittser share their secrets to managing creative teams and introduce you to Josh Bartels, Filament Games’ Sound Designer, because he’s kind of a neat guy. We also dive into riveting topics like how you create emotions with music and what digestion should sound like.

FGP 6: Games That Make You Dumber

In FGP 6, Brandon opens up about his terrible typing technique, the team discusses how games can make you dumber, and we explore the impact games have on building 21st century skills.

FGP 7: Verisimilitude in Games

This week on the Filament Games Podcast, co-hosts Dan Norton and Brandon Pittser discuss the “realness” of games and what factors determine a game’s scope. We also explore exciting subjects such as what to do when you’re wrong even though there’s no right answer and what would happen if Sisyphus was a game designer.

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