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Video Games and Remote Learning (Podcast)

Calling all game-based learning enthusiasts – CEO Dan White recently sat down with Dustin Staats for an all-new episode of the Board Gaming with Education Podcast!

A candid conversation on all things video games and remote learning, Dan and Dustin discuss the defining characteristics of high-quality learning games, dive deep into some of our team’s most successful projects to date, and even offer their perspectives on what the future holds for game-based learning! 

Give the episode a listen, and be sure to let us know what you think of the conversation over on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

Episode Outline:

[00:00] Board Gaming with Education introduction
[01:40] Dan White introduction
[02:42] Are video games art?
[05:12] Why video games are powerful tools for learning
[08:56] The game-based learning spectrum
[18:24] Video games and remote learning
[30:00] The role of games in teaching future-facing skills
[33:33] Dustin challenges Dan to a game of 5-second rule

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