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Project Roundup: VR and AR Games by Filament Games

One small step for Filament Games, one giant leap for educational games! Our mission here at Filament has always been to redefine learning through interactive experiences, and this particular roundup of projects showcases our pioneering strides in VR and AR. Read on to learn more about our immersive work with incredible clients.

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Breaking Boundaries in Science (Meta, formerly known as Oculus)

Breaking Boundaries in Science is a virtual reality experience that celebrates the lives and achievements of three famous women scientists: Grace Hopper, Marie Curie, and Jane Goodall. Developed in partnership with Oculus, the game is available exclusively for the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. Breaking Boundaries uses primary sources to tell the stories of these women, including biographical details, personal artifacts, and even voice recordings from Dr. Jane Goodall herself! We also can’t help but mention the fact that the game has won numerous awards, including the Webby Award for People’s Voice and the Cinequest Film and VR Festival Award, among others.

VR Explorations (Publications International)

VR Explorations is an educational box set that combines physical books with immersive VR learning experiences. Each kit contains six hardcover Encyclopedia Britannica books, each of which is supplemented by an Android and iOS-compatible VR app. Once the app is downloaded and a smartphone is placed in the bundled cardboard VR viewer, readers can access 3D environments associated with each book’s content, including interactive animations, videos, games, and more. VR Explorations is designed to provide a more engaging and immersive learning experience than traditional textbooks. By combining the power of VR with the trusted content of Encyclopedia Britannica, VR Explorations allows readers to explore the world in a whole new way!

Mindful Market™ (Penumbra)

Mindful Market™ is a virtual reality (VR) program crafted to aid patients in recovering their cognitive abilities like decision-making, memory, and resilience in their daily tasks. Collaborating with a therapist, patients engage in a VR environment featuring a courtyard with three distinct tasks: running a Sandwich Shop to serve customers, assisting a farmer in sorting animal feed in Harvest Helper, and selling stamps with mental math challenges at the Stamp Stand. Filament played a role in enhancing the backend of the game, supporting Penumbra in this update.


RoboCo is a PC and VR robotics sandbox game where players can design and build robots to serve the needs of humans. Players can assemble bots piece by piece, rigging each creation with motors, gears, and customizable wireless controls to conquer open-ended challenges.

The VR version of RoboCo will be released for the Meta Quest 2 in 2024. In the VR version, players will be able to experience specific new features. For example, players will be able to build their robots using satisfying snap-together building with resizable parts. Additionally, players will be able to seamlessly switch between PC and VR mode – this means that they can start building their robots in PC mode, and then switch to VR mode to test them out. Finally, players will be able to scale the environment in real time. These VR-specific features will make the game even more immersive and engaging, and they will allow players to experience the world of robotics in a whole new way!


Origami Crafting (Capstone)

Origami Crafting: Capstone 4D is an augmented reality book set that teaches users how to make origami crafts. The book set includes clear photos and detailed instructions for making a variety of origami crafts, such as greeting cards, ornaments, decorations, and scrapbook pages. Each title in the book set also includes bonus AR video tutorials that show the fold-by-fold instructions in action. Not only does this book set use cutting-edge AR technology, but it’s also a great way to develop fine motor and problem-solving skills.

As you can tell, we’ve harnessed VR and AR technologies to shatter the confines of traditional learning. The amalgamation of our and our clients’ creativity with trailblazing technology has opened up possibilities that challenge conventional boundaries. We’re steadfast in our commitment to crafting experiences that reshape education and we’re proud to be contributing to a future where VR and AR are conduits for immersive learning and unparalleled adventures!

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