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Resource Roundup: VR for Learning

At Filament Games, we’re obsessed with the intersection of VR and education – and we’ve got the portfolio to prove it.

VR Explorations gameplay

🎮: VR Explorations

For years, our studio has partnered with organizations all around the globe to create stunning VR experiences for learning and impact, supplementing our growing catalog of educational games. And beyond the experiences themselves, we’ve also made sure to share development insights and lessons learned right here on our blog. Today, we’re recapping a few of our favorite articles – so sit back, relax, and join us for a rundown of some of our most popular immersive learning resources:

Game-Based Learning and Virtual Reality

As the new decade unfolds, investment in AR/VR technology is soaring to new heights – and with it, endless applications for immersive learning and training. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait to see examples of immersive learning in action – join our team for a closer look at some of our most celebrated VR projects to date, including Webby Award-winning Breaking Boundaries in Science and our upcoming National Science Foundation-funded robotics game RoboCo! [READ MORE]

Research Roundup: VR for Learning and Training

As an educational game developer, we believe in the power of VR to deliver deep, authentic, and hands-on learning experiences in a uniquely interactive way – but what do researchers have to say on the matter? Our team highlights five impactful academic research studies, each examining the efficacy of VR as a learning tool in settings like K12, higher education, healthcare, corporate training, and more. [READ MORE]

Study: VR for Soft Skills Training

Future-facing skills like leadership, resilience, and managing through change are practically mandatory for success in the modern workforce, and yet they’re not frequently covered through game-based learning content. A recent study by PwC suggests that content creators and publishers might be overlooking something here – they found conclusively that VR can help business leaders improve the velocity and effectiveness of soft skills training. Our team highlights five key takeaways from PwC’s study. [READ MORE]

Medical Applications for Virtual Reality

Daring new uses of VR are everywhere you look in the medical industry, with the market expected to grow at a CAGR of 41.2% from 2020 to 2027, reaching a value of $33.7B by 2027. The strength of this expanding market is built on a foundation of concepts paving the way towards a future where VR technology is increasingly intrinsic to the medical profession, particularly when it comes to rehabilitative applications – check out these cutting-edge examples. [READ MORE]

Virtual Reality for Nonprofits

Game-based learning has proven itself a powerful tool for mission-based organizations – and virtual reality takes this to the next level. Unlike passive educational materials like brochures and videos, VR provides a level of immersion unmatched by other formats, resulting in lasting, impactful learning experiences. Drawing on case studies from five global nonprofits and charities, join us for a closer look at how organizations are leveraging the power of immersive VR as a means to effect real-world change. [READ MORE]

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