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The Power of Educational Games with Dan White (Podcast)

Do you think science is cool? We know science is cool. That’s why our CEO Dan White recently appeared on PocketLab’s Science is Cool (ScIC) Unplugged podcast!

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Hosted by Dave Bakker, the ScIC Unplugged podcast is “a science podcast for cool teachers.” Dan and Dave’s conversation delves into various topics, including open-ended problem-solving spaces, RoboCo, and the potential of digital robotics in education. 

Tune in to learn how RoboCo translates engineer design thinking into game design, how Dan and Dave define screen time, and how the captivating nature of video games can be used for good. Get ready to gain a deeper understanding of the powerful potential of educational games.

We hope you enjoyed this podcast episode, and we’re grateful to the Science is Cool Unplugged podcast and Dave Bakker for featuring Dan on the show. If you’re interested in exploring the endless possibilities of gaming in education, contact us! We’re educational game developers and experts in creating immersive and impactful experiences that empower and inspire learners of all ages.

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