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Resource Roundup: Everything You Need to Know About RoboCo

It’s been a whirlwind November here at Filament Games, and we can barely contain our excitement! Most notably, we released our robotics sandbox game, RoboCo, on Steam Early Access on the 3rd. This game has been years in the making, and we’re proud to be able to share it with the world. In case you’ve missed any of the RoboCo news from this month, we’ve collected it all into this nifty guide! Here’s everything you need to know about RoboCo.  

RoboCo is Now Available on Steam!

This particular blog was posted on RoboCo’s release day and includes all of the features the game launched with, such as:

…and so much more!

Check out the full blog to discover our vision for version 1.0 of the game, watch the official RoboCo launch trailer, and learn more about The Platinum Cup, a Discord community competition that included various in-game challenges.

The Origin Story of RoboCo

If you’re a longtime reader of the Filament Games blog, then you know the origin story of our business and mascot. In this post, VP Brandon Pittser tells the origin story of RoboCo, from when the game was just a dream right up until launch day. Discover the name that could have been, the logos that could have been, and immerse yourself in RoboCo lore! See exclusive images and gifs of early prototypes, including the “Put the Baby Back in its Crib” challenge. Nope, we’re not kidding! RoboCo is a lovably wacky game and has an equally wacky history.  

An Introduction to RoboCo (Tips, Tutorials, and More!)

While RoboCo may look cute and silly at first glance, it contains some serious opportunities for engineering and learning. From Python coding to detailed customization options, there’s something for both beginner and advanced roboticists. For those players that may have no background experience in robotics or engineering, the game’s depth may be intimidating. While we totally understand, we’re also here to say that RoboCo is for everyone! Have no fear – in this blog, you can learn the ins and outs of the game. Trust us – anyone can become a pro at navigating the RoboCo interface and tools with a little bit of practice and some time spent completing RoboRepairs!

Inside RoboCo

If you’re interested in game development and wondering how RoboCo was created, we have the series just for you! Featured in this blog is Inside RoboCo, a video series with episodes that focus on different aspects of the game’s development. Discover how we designed the game’s campaign challenges, what thought went into the art and tools, and additional behind-the-scenes details about the game you won’t find anywhere else. This series includes interviews with the RoboCo dev team, including game designer Luke Jayapalan, UI/UX designer Joe Horan, 3D artist Meghan Connor, and more past and present members of RoboCo HQ. 

Check Out These Robots!

RoboCo is lucky to be surrounded by an innovative, creative, and enthusiastic community! In this blog, we highlight the outstanding feats of RoboCo players in the game’s Discord community, from the 2021 FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge, and YouTube/Twitch content creators. We feature two different series in this post: Check Out Our Robots, a video series on the RoboCo YouTube channel, and Did You See It? a content showcase from the RoboCo devblog. Check out the full article to see the creations of the community in action and catch up with the latest videos from your favorite content creators like Durf and Scrapman! 

For the latest news on RoboCo, follow the game’s official accounts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. You can also connect with other RoboCo community members by joining the official Discord and Reddit.

Buy RoboCo on Steam Early Access today!

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