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Filament Games Podcast | Season 4 Episode 7: Catching Up with Our Friends at iCivics

The next episode of your favorite game-based learning podcast is here! In this episode, Filament Games Podcast hosts Brandon and Dan have a conversation with Carrie Ray-Hill, the Senior Director of Digital Learning at iCivics. If you’ve been keeping up with Filament since the beginning, you’ll know our work and friendship with the folks at iCivics goes way back!

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Episode outline:

[0:00-4:03] Intro to iCivics and Carrie Ray-Hill 

[4:04-8:02] How the pandemic and recent trends in civics learning have informed iCivics’ approach 

[8:03- 14:00] Is there a distinction between partisan, political, and civic content?

[14:01- 16:42] The learning objectives and strategy behind iCivics games

[16:43 – 22:32] How iCivics researches and prioritizes the content they make

[22:33 – 26:53] iCivic’s recent growth

[26:54 – 31:18] Was the company’s growth affected more by district outreach or individual teachers? 

[31:19 – 39:31] How new trends in game-based learning have affected how iCivics makes content, and how iCivics works with experts to create games with an impact

[39:32 – 46:38] iCivics’s recent game releases

[46:39 – 57:39] Game Design Rarities: iCivics Deep Cuts and Outro

There you have it, the iCivics State of the Union! We’re grateful to Carrie for chatting with us, and to be able to continue to work with iCivics to increase student access to and interest in meaningful and fun civics education. Whether you’re a newcomer to the podcast or a devoted listener, thanks for tuning in. 

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