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Filament Games Podcast | Season 4 Episode 4: Game-based Learning Myths, Busted!

Look alive! Another episode of the Filament Games Podcast is 🔥coming in hot.🔥In this episode Brandon and Dan, along with guest Lydia Symchych, a former Filament game designer, tackle pervasive game-based learning myths. Like the revered Mythbusters themselves, Brandon, Dan, and Lydia dive into common misconceptions and destroy them from the inside out!* 

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*Figuratively, of course. No pyrotechnics were used in the making of this episode. 

Check out the episode below, or listen on the go on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.

Episode outline:

[0:00-1:20] Intro

[1:22-8:54] What have you been playing lately?

[8:55-10:43] Myth #1: Game-based Learning and Gamification are the Same Thing

[10:44-14:56] Myth #2: Accessibility Features Require Sacrificing Playability or Quality

[14:57-19:16]  Myth #3: Screen Time is Inherently Negative 

[19:17-24:04] VR screen time and accessibility features

[24:05-31:22] Myth #4: Everyone Wants to Learn Through Games

[31:23-39:17] Myth #5: Games are Useful insofar as They are Measurable 

[39:18-44:18] Myth #6: Learning Games Can Be Made as Reusable Templates

[44:19-45:06] Myth #7: Gamers Love All Games Equally

[45:07- 56:53] Myth #8: Learning Games Should Be Competitive to Maximize Outcomes

[56:54-59:49] Myth #9: Learning Games are Just for Kids

[59:50-1:07:55] Game Design Rarities segment on Operation: Tango and outro

What myths will we need to bust next? We’re not entirely sure, but you can rest assured we’ll be there to dispel any misinformation about game-based learning! Never miss a beat in the educational video game industry by following Filament Games on Twitter and Facebook.

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