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Resource Roundup: Educational Games for Adults

This past month on the blog, one of our main focuses was educational games for adults. We believe that playful learning is for all ages – no matter how long you’ve been on earth, you can always learn something new and find joy in that experience! If you’re not convinced, or if you just want to learn more about the unique advantages of gaming for those out of the K-12 classroom, read on.

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Research Round-Up: Educational Games for Adults

While we’ve seen the impact of game-based learning on all ages, specifically adults with our games Saving Lives!, MSI Retail Sim, and more, you don’t have to just take our word for it! This roundup of research demonstrates the effectiveness of educational games for adults, more specifically, medical students, undergraduate and graduate students, corporate professionals, and more. All of these studies were published in 2022, so rest assured that you have the most up-to-date information on the topic! Discover the positive effects of educational games for adults from researchers around the world.  

QA Best Practices: Games for Adult Learning

Learn about the way the Filament QA team approaches testing in this interview with Filament Quality Assurance Manager, Brian Czech. More specifically, learn about the considerations that our QA team takes into account when assessing games for adult learners. Brian notes that the team has to ask themselves a lot of questions when it comes to the audience of the games they test: “…audience impacts how we approach usability testing. Does the game use language that’s appropriate for the player’s reading level? Does written content have voiceover to aid in understanding? Does the length of the game fit with the player’s attention span? How complex is the subject matter? What’s the overall tone of the game? Are the game mechanics appropriate for the player’s experience level and their overall tech competency?” Check out the interview and discover more about usability testing as well as compatibility testing, performance testing, and more when it comes to assuring the quality of our games for adult learners! 

The Metaverse and Corporate Training

We’ve discussed the metaverse for learning several times on the blog – but what does the metaverse have to offer for adults in the workforce? As it turns out, quite a bit in this age of remote work! In this post, we explain how the metaverse is not just some futuristic dreamscape, and describe how the metaverse is changing workplace conventions right now. The metaverse has the power to impact how we approach workplace training, how quickly we learn new skills on the job, how we interact with co-workers, and more – overall, it has the potential to redefine the office as we know it!

Game Design Best Practices: Games for Adult Learning

In this interview with Filament Chief Creative Officer Dan Norton, we discuss what kind of game experiences work best for adult learners, which kinds of content are most effectively taught through an interactive experience for adults, common design pitfalls one should avoid when designing an experience for adult learners, and much more! We also talk about how technological and media literacy impacts an individual’s gaming experience, who is a gamer, the differences between gamification and game-based learning, and other topics specifically related to adult learners. Learn more about all of the elements we consider while designing games for an older audience in this interview about game design best practices!

We hope that this round-up of resources on educational games for adults was helpful to you, especially if you’re thinking of creating a learning game for your employees, higher ed students, or a general adult audience. Let’s chat about your project idea!

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