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The Future is Now: Games as Assessment (SXSW EDU Virtual Panel)

SXSW EDU 2020 may have been canceled, but our session must go on – as a part of SXSW EDU’s virtual conference, our “The Future is Now: Games as Assessment” panel is now streaming on SXSW EDU On Demand! 🎉

Session Description: 

There exists a growing body of research suggesting the efficacy of games as tools for learning and perhaps even more interestingly as tools for assessment. Drawing on decades of experience in the commercial game-based learning industry, panelists will share their perspective on how games can not only cultivate, but assess future-facing skills (popularly known as 21st-century skills) through the lens of 5 unique games developed by FableVision Studios, Filament Games, the MIT Playful Journey Lab, and the MIT Education Arcade.


Scot Osterweil
Creative Director
MIT Education Arcade

Louisa Rosenheck
Associate Director and Creative Lead
MIT Playful Journey Lab

Dan White
Filament Games

Peter Stidwill
Exec Producer
FableVision Studios

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