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Filament Games Podcast | Season 4 Episode 5: Educational Experiences in Roblox

You + the newest episode of the Filament Games Podcast?

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In this episode, your illustrious hosts Brandon and Dan interview Filament Game Designer Colin Skinner about his experiences working as lead designer on RoboCo Sports League. What is RoboCo Sports League? In short, it’s a RoboCo-inspired experience Filament Games is creating specifically for the Roblox platform. If you’ve been dreaming of a multiplayer version of RoboCo, we’re happy to report that your dreams will be coming true.

But to hear all of the details about this upcoming project (in addition to some interesting thoughts about quantum mechanics and flow theory in video games) you’ll have to tune in! Check out the episode below, or listen on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher – whatever you prefer. 

Episode outline: 

[0:00-2:02] Intro

[2:03-10:37] What have you been playing lately? 

[10:38-14:22] Roblox EDU and the Roblox Community Fund

[14:23-17:18] The premise of RoboCo Sports League

[17:19-20:11] How is RoboCo Sports League different from RoboCo? 

[20:12-22:30] How does RoboCo Sports League align with or challenge the typical Roblox user’s expectations?

[22:31-30:41] Challenges we’ve discovered and overcome while working on this project

[30:42-32:46] RoboCo Sports League features and roadmap

[32:47-35:40] RoboCo Sports League and FIRST’s value of coopertition® 

[35:41-37:18] Keep an eye out for more information about this project! 👀

[37:19-59:49] Game Design Rarities segment on Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy and Neon White and outro 

Here’s the chart Colin describes in his Game Design Rarities segment about Neon White:

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