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Introducing RoboCo Sports League!

Hello, fellow gaming enthusiasts and lifelong learners! We’re excited to introduce you to our latest creation, a Roblox experience that brings together STEM learning, problem-solving, and friendly competition: RoboCo Sports League (RSL)! This multiplayer extravaganza is available right now.

What is RoboCo Sports League?

In case you’ve never heard of RoboCo Sports League, here’s a quick description. RSL is a thrilling multiplayer experience that launched on October 17, 2023, on the ever-popular Roblox platform. RSL is as exciting as it is educational – players dive into a captivating world where they can build their own robots and engage in head-to-head competition with friends, all while exploring and improving their robotics, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. Check out the trailer below!

Drawing inspiration from our critically acclaimed game, RoboCo, we’ve taken robot construction to the Roblox platform. With a wide range of customizable, snap-together parts at your disposal, the possibilities are virtually endless. You’ll have the tools to create a robot that suits your unique vision, from different-shaped blocks to pistons, suction cups, wheels – even rocket engines! For those new to 3D building, we’ve created a guided building tutorial in the form of achievements to get you started.

RSL Challenges

RoboCo Sports League offers five distinct challenges that promise endless excitement and competition. Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced player, there’s something for everyone.

RoboCo Polo

Think soccer, but with a twist. You’ll find two soccer balls, and the goals shrink after every score. It’s a fast-paced game of skill and strategy, where you’ll need to hit the ball into the goal or block it.

Yeet the Sheep 🐑 

In this cooperative challenge, you and your friends will work together to sort 21 colored sheep into their corresponding pens. Can your robot scoop, grab, and “yeet” these sheep into the right places?

Skatepark Scramble 🛹 

Teams race to collect special orbs as they appear on the map. Bring your fastest, most agile robot to outmaneuver your opponents and emerge victorious.

Parmesan Pipeline 🧀 

Inspired by real-world industrial operations, players pack and ship wheels of cheese in a warehouse. Precision is key, and you’ll need a bot that can handle the delicate cargo.

Boarding Party 🏞️ 

In this cooperative challenge, players collaborate to build a ramp up a mountain using blocks, ramps, and teamwork to make an escape before time runs out.

Unlock New Parts and Cosmetics 

Your triumphs in the RSL challenges earn you medals, which can be spent at our points shop to unlock new robot parts and cosmetics. These additions can give you the competitive edge you need to conquer the next challenge. And rest assured, we have more parts and cosmetics planned for future updates!

We invite you to check out the experience for yourself. With RSL, our aim is to merge education and entertainment in a way that ignites a passion for STEM and creativity in learners of all ages. Follow RoboCo Sports League on X and join the official RSL Discord to stay in the loop with development updates and sneak peeks. 

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