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Research Roundup: Corporate Training and Adult Learning

No matter the player’s age, game platform, or subject matter, digital games have the power to effortlessly immerse players in complex problem-solving for long stretches of time – making them ideal for engaging young learners and teaching key 21st century skills.

But did you know that game-based learning can lead to enhanced learning outcomes for adults, too?

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There’s no shortage of compelling reasons for companies to embrace game-based tools and simulations as part of their training programs – in fact, you can read four of them here! But today, our sights are set on highlighting the latest and greatest innovations from the wild world of game-based corporate training and adult learning. Check out the highlights below, and be sure to let us know on Twitter if you found any of the below studies to be particularly compelling…

Onboarding 2013: A New Look at New Hires

This study from Aberdeen Group explores how 230 unique organizations are leveraging cutting-edge training technologies to boost productivity, engagement, and retention among new hires. A special section on gamification strategies reports that while only 17% of organizations have incorporated gamified techniques into their onboarding practices, those with gamification in place saw double-digit improvements in engagement and turnover compared to organizations sticking with more traditional onboarding strategies.

Virtual Reality Training for Surgical Trainees

This study aims to examine the benefits and harms of supplemental VR training for surgical trainees with limited laparoscopic surgery experience. The authors find that surgical learners participating in supplemental VR training exercises improved their operative performance and optimized their operating time compared to learners who did not receive VR training, lending further evidence to the assertion that virtual reality can serve as an extremely powerful tool for learning.

Brain Training Enhances Cognition in Older Adults

In this study, two groups of healthy older adults were examined: one control group, and one group who played 20 1-hour non-action video game training sessions over a period of 10-12 weeks. Researchers found that training older adults with non-action digital games positively affects some cognitive abilities including processing speed and attention – an exciting revelation with many possible implications for game-based learning and aging researchers alike.

TalentLMS Gamification at Work Survey

In June 2018, TalentLMS surveyed 400 U.S. workers who identified themselves as regular users of gamified apps/software in their respective workplaces. The study brings a number of compelling findings to light: for instance, 87% of employees find that gamified work exercises make them more productive, with 80% of survey respondents indicating that they enjoy using gamified software in the workplace. The survey even reports that older employees were more motivated by gamified work exercises than younger employees – further supporting the notion that games are a learning medium for everyone.

Ambient Insight Report

Adoption of game-based training among businesses and organizations is accelerating – and it’s happening fast. According to Ambient Insight’s latest report on the global game-based learning market, the 2016-2021 worldwide growth rates for simulation-based learning and game-based learning in the US are forecasted at 17.0% and 22.4% respectively – driven largely by a growing body of research supporting game-based practices combined with a fading resistance to learning games in the corporate and academic industries.

As the volume of game-based corporate training and adult learning research continues to expand each year, there’s never been a better time to reflect on the efficacy of your organization’s own training strategies. Want to learn more about ways you can level up your training regimen using digital games and simulations? Drop us a line – we’re happy to chat about creating a custom experience for your organization!

Adult learning games in our portfolio:

Saving Lives! – healthcare learning game for medical professionals that teaches American Heart Association best practices for CPR
WaveQuest – sonar & submersible training game for adult learners in the Navy
MSI Retail Sim – management fundamentals training game for adult learners in retail professions

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