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Top 10 EdTech and Game-Based Learning News Sites

If you’re reading an article here on the Filament Games blog, chances are you have at least some interest in the world of EdTech and game-based learning, right?

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From the introduction of drones to AR/VR in the classroom, adaptive assessment technologies to after-school podcasting clubs, if there exists one constant in the world of EdTech, it’s that EdTech is constantly evolving.

But fear not! For our team has furnished the fine list before you…a roundup of some of our favorite EdTech and game-based learning news resources (presented in no particular order), each dedicated to helping folks like you and I stay informed of the latest trends in our ever-changing industry. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!


Want to know what’s currently happening in the world of EdTech? EdSurge is a great place to start! Offering a robust selection of news articles and features, networking events, and even its own EdTech jobs board, the site bills itself as “the best resource on educational technology in K-12 and Higher Ed” – and it’s a must-read for folks involved and interested in learning more about the space!

EdSurge highlights:
What College Esports Arenas Mean for Community in the Digital Age (Rebecca Koenig)
How Video Games Can Teach Reading Just as Well as Books (Ivan Kaltman)
A Supreme Court Justice’s Legacy in Edtech (Emily Tate)

THE Journal

With origins dating all the way back to 1972, THE Journal was the first-ever magazine to be dedicated entirely to covering educational technology. Focused specifically on highlighting topics pertinent to administrative, technical, and academic technology leaders in K-12 education, THE Journal offers two ways to enjoy their content offerings: their official website, or thrice-weekly email newsletter.

THE Journal highlights:
Why Game-Based Learning Works for This Math Teacher (Dian Schaffhauser)
Interest in Game-Based Learning Surges (Sara Friedman)
Making Virtual Reality a Reality in Today’s Classrooms (Meredith Thompson)

Game-Based Learning Blogs (Various)

Fun fact: company blogs from industry leaders in the game-based learning space like ourselves, Triseum, TeacherGaming, and more can often serve as an excellent resource for fans of learning games and digital training tools. To get started, simply visit your favorite EdTech or game-based learning company’s website to find out if they offer their own editorial insights!

Blog highlights:
Four Studies That Make the Case for Game-Based Learning (Triseum)
Game-Based Learning vs. Classroom Gamification: The Fight of the Century (TeacherGaming)
Making Great Learning Games Pt. 1 – Defining Learning Objectives (Filament Games)

EdTech Magazine

Split into two dedicated websites focusing specifically on K12 and higher education content, EdTech Magazines’ robust array of article, video, and interview offerings make it a can’t-miss resource for IT leaders and EdTech-savvy educators alike.

EdTech Magazine highlights:
Academic, Social Boosts Show Esports Are More Than Just Games (Calvin Hennick)
Microsoft DOS and the Long History of Educational Games (Ernie Smith)
How Virtual Reality Can Help Students Meet Learning Goals (Alexander Slagg)

EdTech Digest

Since 2010, EdTech Digest has published more than 1 million words on EdTech with one goal in mind: helping to reshape education and creating a better future for students. The site features a number of recurring series highlighting cool new tools, interviews with leading experts, and imminent trends from the world of EdTech – oh, and don’t forget to check out their annual EdTech Awards program which celebrates leading innovators, companies, and products across K12, higher ed, and the industry sectors!

EdTech Digest highlights:
How to Stay Immersed and Engaged in Learning (Victor Rivero)
What is VR’s Place in EdTech? (Monica Burns)
China’s Got Educational Game (Michael Lee)


While perhaps most famous for their annual ISTE Conference and Expo, the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) website is loaded with world-class EdTech ideas, content, and resources – and their blog is no exception! With a slew of subtopics to explore including digital citizenship, personalized learning, and tools, devices, and apps, it’s very likely one could spend a lot of time exploring ISTE’s blog without even scratching the surface of their vast content library.

ISTE Blog highlights:
3 Ways to Foster Digital Citizenship in Schools (Allison Starks)
NASA Makes a Game of Trying to Save World’s Coral Reefs (Jerry Fingal)
25 Resources for Bringing AR and VR to the Classroom (Jennifer Snelling)


Under the direction of Star Wars creator George Lucas’s Educational Foundation, Edutopia is a renowned news source which prides itself in shining a spotlight on what works in education. Focusing primarily on six core strategies for innovation and reform in learning including project-based learning, social and emotional learning, and technology integration, Edutopia even offers a dedicated game-based learning section highlighting novel tips, techniques, and tools for educators, parents, and learning game enthusiasts alike.

Edutopia highlights:
How to Use Games to Build Community in Distance Learning (Carol Rawlings Miller)
Gaming as a Tool for Narrative Writing (Suzie Boss)
How to Find Games for Classroom Learning (Matthew Farber)

The Tech Edvocate

Intended to provide readers with a robust, multi-faceted look at the past, present, and future of EdTech, The Tech Edvocate is home to hundreds of high-quality articles on subtopics like personalized learning, parent/family tech, EdTech policy, and more. Their Edvocate Podcast – hosted by veteran educator and site owner Matthew Lynch – is also worth checking out for those seeking even more insights!

The Tech Edvocate highlights:
Why Students Love a Game-Based Learning Experience (Matthew Lynch)
How Can Teachers Use VR in the Classroom (Matthew Lynch)
5 Tips for Using Game-Based Learning to Create Dynamic Corporate Training (Matthew Lynch)

eSchool News

First published in March 1998, eSchool News offers readers daily EdTech content across a variety of subtopics including IT management, teaching and learning, and STEAM education. Featuring whitepapers, podcasts, webinars, and more, eSchool News offers a diverse slate of content geared towards all individuals who wish to explore the intersection of education and technology. No time to check out their website? No problem – follow eSchool News on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for daily content delivered right to your feed!

eSchool News highlights:
8 Things Pushing the Growth of Game-Based Learning (Laura Ascione)
Game on: Esports in a Remote Learning Model (Kevin Hogan)
I Gamified My Classroom and Students Are Soaring (Amanda Moore)

Serious Play Wire

Brought to us by the same folks behind the annual Serious Play Conference and awards program, Serious Play Wire is a free monthly newsletter created with game-based learning and simulation enthusiasts in mind. Covering a wide variety of topics including military/government, corporate, nonprofit, healthcare, higher education and K-12 games, the site is a must-read for learning game developers, academics, and educators alike.

Serious Play Wire highlights:
New Video Game Sharpens Skills of Elderly Drivers
How This Man Is Using a Video Game to Help Refugees
Virtual Reality Gaming Moves Into Mine Safety Training

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