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Why Your Kids Should Play Video Games All Summer Long

Summer has arrived and parents all over the world are faced with one question:

Summer Fun

What should my kids do all summer?

Now before you start throwing tomatoes at me through your screen on the basis of my headline, you should know that I’m someone who advocates for balance in all aspects of one’s life. I absolutely think your kids should get outside, move their bodies, see new things, interact with other humans, and experience the world with gusto! Often. Like every day. For many hours per day.

You have probably planned for how your kids are going to spend their physically active time whether that’s signing them up for sports, booking them for summer camps, or planning an outdoor adventure vacation.

Summer Camp

But if your kids are like mine, all of that activity needs to be balanced with quieter activities like reading, crafting, consuming media, and, you got it, playing video games. Do you have a plan for their downtime activities like you do their physical activities?

Exhausted Pokemon

This is where I’ve found educational games, like the ones we offer directly at Filament Learning, are worth investing in for your children this summer. And just when you thought this idea couldn’t get any sweeter, we’re now offering all of our award-winning game-based learning titles at a massive 70% discount – this summer only!

Well-designed learning games are shown to provide a number of benefits:

  • Helps make productive use of summer downtime
  • Grows confidence and self-esteem
  • Prevents summer brain drain
  • Ease-of-mind for you that they are accessing high-quality, learning-focused content

One of our favorite aspects of our Filament Learning game library is that the games assume the player has no prior knowledge of the subject matter. Each title was designed to gently escalate in difficulty until the player achieves content mastery. So even if you think a game’s content may be too advanced for your child, you might very well be surprised at how much they can grasp when the content is taught through a game. That’s how my 5th grader now understands the fundamentals of balancing chemical equations (although she’d just tell you that she’s really good at our game Bongo Balance!)

Bongo Balance

While only you know what’s right for your child, our collection will most likely appeal to children in upper elementary, middle school, and beginning high school.

So what’s it going to be for your child?

Are they going to play master of the universe while designing their own solar system?

Planet Mechanic

Maybe they’d like to take on the role of a zany plant shopkeeper who delights in cross-breeding plants?

Crazy Plant Shop

Or perhaps they want to practice their math skills by swiping and slicing their way through deceptively simple fractions puzzles?


Whatever games they choose to play (and I hope they get to play them all), I bet this will be the one summer enrichment activity that you will not have to nag them to do!

Enjoy the summer, and have fun playing our games!


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