Square Panda

custom hardware-integrated phonetics & reading games for young learners


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Square Panda

Square Panda is a Bluetooth-enabled phonics playset that combines early reading pedagogy and multi­sensory play to unlock learning. The playset includes 45 tactile Smart Letter toys that interact with a suite of compatible Square Panda games, three of which were developed by Filament Games: Bubbles, Jiggity Jamble, and Monster Rhymes. Developing for custom hardware that uniquely integrates mobile technology with physical, toy-like inputs, our team worked closely alongside Square Panda to create a suite of playful experiences optimized for their platform.


In Square Panda Bubbles, players enter a whimsical bubble world and must pop their way to spelling success by assembling smart letters in the Square Panda Playset, hearing letter sounds and spelling out words as they go. The more letters players put in the Playset, the more bubbles they get to pop – perfect for practicing letter sounds, word construction, and vocabulary comprehension.

Jiggity Jamble

Square Panda Jiggity Jamble combines a kinesthetic dance experience with English language learning fun – ideal for children learning the alphabet, letter sounds and vocabulary. Players place smart letters in the Square Panda Playset, experiencing tactile and kinesthetic reinforcement as they transform their bodies into letter shapes, learning how various symbols correspond with specific phonemic sounds.

Monster Rhymes

In Square Panda Monster Rhymes, players sing along with their monster friends, composing new song lyrics on the fly by choosing rhyming vocabulary words using the Square Panda Playset. Perfect for players learning word families, word endings, and vocabulary, Square Panda Monster Rhymes supports comprehension and vocabulary acquisition through contextual reinforcement of words with pictures.

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