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A Day in the Life of a Game Engineer

Hello Filamentarians! For today’s blog, we went behind the scenes to find out what a day in the life of a game engineer at Filament Games is like. We interviewed Senior Game Engineer Allison Salmon about her career in both educational game development and at AAA studios, her role and responsibilities, and much more! Discover…

Educational Game Development Best Practices: Data Strategy and Confidentiality

Data Strategy There are two categories of data that we think about when building games. Telemetry is data about how the user experiences the game. This may include timing information, content exposures, correct/vs incorrect responses, and other key interactions that allow stakeholders to make inferences about the user’s skill mastery and app usability. Telemetry is…

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Why You Should Use Unity to Build Your Next Learning Game

Any age, any platform, and any subject – when it comes to creating world-class games for learning and social impact, versatility is key. A vital component underlying this flexibility is our studio-wide adoption of Unity, a cross-platform game engine that we use to develop all of our learning games. In order to better understand the many justifications…

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What’s New in Unity for 2019

Behold: the future of learning games! 4.5M Mesh renderers 200K Unique objects per building 100K Individual audio sources 5K Dynamic vehicles 60 FPS Mega City is a project built on our preview data oriented design tech alongside tons of optimizations we’re aiming to bring to Unity in 2019. — Unity (@unity3d) October 24, 2018…

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