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Medical Applications for Augmented Reality

Ah, there are so many cool things happening at the intersection of technology and healthcare at the moment! Previously on the blog, we’ve investigated medical applications for virtual reality, from cutting-edge treatments for chronic pain to its use in experiential medicine. But the applications don’t end there – VR can also be used as a…

Video Games as Therapy

Last time we checked in on the expanding and dynamic intersection of video games and healthcare, we explored whether video games can help treat COVID-19 brain fog, an excellent example of the ways in which the proliferation of medical applications for video games is being driven by the emergent needs of our world. Today we’re…

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Medical Applications for Virtual Reality

Last time I checked in on the Virtual Reality space I was looking at VR projects that were creating a positive impact on the world, and I found no shortage of material, particularly in the domain of healthcare. Daring new uses of VR are everywhere you look in the medical industry, with the market expected…

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