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FGP 17: Game Design Contest

Welcome to Episode 17!

This week we bring you a very special episode of the podcast. We invite game designers Abby Friesen and Matt Haselton into the studio for a game design contest. Hear what happens when we ask two designers to design and pitch a game in under 40 minutes.

Hot Topics in This Week’s Episode

Behind the Scenes of the Filament Games Podcast

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Having worked at Filament since 2011, Abby has designed more than 20 learning games around a variety of subjects, including kindergarten verbs, middle school biology and civics, college-level contract law, submarine sonar, and more! Her game Reach for the Sun has won multiple awards and is available on Steam, along with the plant genetics game Crazy Plant Shop. She has experience designing systems, AI, puzzle mechanics, multiplayer experiences, simulations, quest-driven games, and much more.

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Matt Haselton is a Game Designer at Filament Games, and specializes in porting learning objectives into game mechanics. Prior to working at Filament, Matt was a designer at Quest Atlantis. Matt holds an M.S. in telecommunications from Indiana University – Bloomington, and a B.A. in English literature from Guilford College.


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