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Filament Games Podcast | Season 6 Episode 8 – Games for Change Festival Interview with Stan Pierre-Louis

What does the future hold for gaming as entertainment and beyond? As President and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), this week’s Filament Games Podcast guest Stan Pierre-Louis is a prominent strategic leader of the US video game industry.

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As President and CEO of ESA, he spearheads the organization’s public policy efforts, showcasing the profound impact of the video game industry on business, entertainment, and culture. His extensive background includes serving as ESA’s General Counsel, where he led legal, policy, and regulatory affairs, advocating on critical issues like First Amendment rights, technology, and intellectual property.

Before joining ESA, Mr. Pierre-Louis held key roles at Viacom, where he focused on protecting digital content and managing intellectual property litigation. His tenure at the Recording Industry Association of America saw him leading strategic copyright litigations, including groundbreaking cases like MGM Studios v. Grokster.

In this interview, podcast host Jennifer Javornik talks with Stan about how advancing technology is propelling games beyond entertainment and driving societal change. With over 215 million Americans playing, understanding where gaming heads next is important for everyone!

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