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Get the Facts: Game-Based Learning Research from Filament Games

At Filament Games, we’re committed to helping teachers, administrators, and educators all over the world harness the power of game-based learning. We have a tremendous passion for creating learning games, and we’re equally passionate about sharing the benefits of game-based learning. We put together a short list of GBL research to help you use games in your classroom, district, or after school program!

  • Backyard Engineers Case Study: Former Filament Games Teacher Fellow, Michele Huppert, incorporated Backyard Engineers into her seventh grade STREAM class during an interdisciplinary unit tied to Next Generation Science Standards. Incorporating Backyard Engineers helped her better engage students and increase learning by an average of 17%!
  • Cool Choices Review: Cool Choices, an online card game designed to promote environmentally friendly behavior, can be used in any company to help reduce costs and save the environment. So far, players that have participated in Cool Choices have saved more than $730,000 annually and avoided more than 7.5 million pounds of annual C02 emissions. Game-based learning isn’t just for kids!
  • A-Games Study: How are games being used the in the classroom? The A-Games study evaluated how and why teachers are using digital learning games. Read our post to learn more about how digital learning games can be used for teaching and assessment.
  • Research Roundup: This is one of our favorite research posts. Our friends at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center completed a survey of 694 K-8 teachers focusing on digital games in the classroom. We shared the most important takeaways from the study along with some thoughts about what these means for the educational games industry.

Keep an eye on our blog for more game-based learning research and case studies!


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