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How Creative Agencies Can Expand Their Offerings With Games

Hey creative agencies, I’m looking at you today! You know who you are. You make digital products with an impeccable taste for high-quality visuals, and you’ve got a knack for creating seamless digital experiences that feel as natural as breathing. I don’t know how it’s possible, but every time I meet someone at a creative agency they just seem so cool to me – with great personal style and an enlightened approach to life!

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Games and gamification are now woven into the fabric of society. Once purely an enjoyable distraction or pastime, play is now commonly infused into consumer loyalty programs, advertising and marketing campaigns, physical and mental health therapies, information tools, and recruitment campaigns. Why? Games represent an opportunity to have players actually interact with your content, and a well-designed experience can motivate, incentivize, and/or propel players to take real-world actions. If your clients are curious about games and you don’t know where to start, why give that work to someone else when you can keep the project within your agency and get some help (from us!)?

If your creative agency is not yet at a stage where it can support a full game team to meet the needs of your clients, we can help fill that service offering gap for you. Here are a couple of tenets that have informed our past creative agency partnerships:

We can be as visible or as invisible to your client as you like. We can fade into the background and blend in as part of your team, or you can put us front and center as the experts. It’s up to you, your client relationship, and how you like to do business!

You can be as involved in the game development or as uninvolved as you like. We staff full development teams, but we’d love to create a role for you in terms of creative vision, client advocacy, project management, or even co-development. You can also decide to let us roll with the project and you can be confident that we’ll treat your client well and deliver for you. 

We expect you to protect your client relationship. We are super respectful of your client and we get that you don’t want to accidentally create a competitor in us. 

We agree to not steal your people and you won’t steal ours. We’ll promise – contractually!

We can be flexible on how we shape the business relationship. We can do fixed-priced budgets or work on a time-and-materials basis. Whatever makes sense with how you like to work with your client. 

If you’re part of a creative agency and would like to get to know us a bit better, what a coincidence – because I’d like to get to know you too! Reach out and let’s make a meeting happen.

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