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Resource Roundup: VR and AR for Learning

Summer is in full swing as we’re wrapping up yet another month here on the blog! In June, we set out to investigate all the recent happenings in virtual and augmented reality. As your favorite educational game developer, you can bet we have you covered on a variety of XR topics – looking for educational VR and AR games you can play right now? Check! Interested in up-and-coming medical applications and treatments using VR and AR? Check! How about the latest research on VR and AR for learning? Yep, we have that too!

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Excellent and Educational VR/AR Games

This roundup of VR and AR games contains titles you can play right now (except for our upcoming game, RoboCo – you can wishlist it now as you wait for its VR release in 2023). This list contains games that players of all ages will enjoy, along with a variety of subject matter from STEM to history to music! Build Rube Goldberg machines, participate in an interactive film, play the piano, and unleash your inner creativity with these educational VR and AR experiences. Whether you’re studying human anatomy or looking to set foot on the moon, there’s a VR or AR game on this list that can guide you and enhance your learning! 

Medical Applications for Augmented Reality

Here on the blog, we’ve investigated medical applications for virtual reality a time or two – or three. In this post, it’s augmented reality’s time to shine! AR is becoming an important medical tool, especially for surgeons during complex procedures involving the heart or eyes. And that’s only the beginning! If you want to learn why Louis Rosenberg, a researcher who worked on developing the first AR system in the early 90s, believes that AR will one day give doctors superpowers, this is a must-read for you! X-ray vision, time travel – discover how AR is transforming operating rooms and doctor’s offices with groundbreaking new medical applications. 

Video Games, VR, and Older Adults

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, then you know it’s a myth that game-based learning is only effective for young people. The same goes for virtual reality! In fact, virtual reality can have unique benefits for older adults. VR can combat loneliness and isolation and can serve as a bridge between generations, connecting older family members with their loved ones. VR can also sustain communities amongst older adults through esports leagues. Beyond gaming, VR can be used by older adults as a tool during “reminiscence therapy,” which strengthens one’s connection to their memories. In this article, you can learn more about the restorative, community-building role of VR among older adults!

Research Roundup: VR/AR for Learning

If you’re interested in evidence that shows VR and AR for learning really works, we’ve gathered up six different studies just for you! On the VR side, there’s a study specific to K-6 education, a study involving middle schools on a virtual field trip, and a consideration of VR and empathy in adults. For AR, there’s a study specific to preschool children, an investigation on how AR affected science learning for a group of third graders, and finally, research around AR and early literacy. As you can tell, this research roundup includes a lot of different age groups, subjects, and settings. We won’t spoil too much about the outcomes of this research, but we can say these studies have only increased our confidence in the power of VR and AR to take education to the next level!  

VR and the Humanities

Closing out this list of VR/AR resources is a look into the ways VR is affecting and transforming different fields under the humanities. VR’s immersive nature makes it an intuitive pairing with the humanities, as it allows anyone to step into another’s shoes! The list of uses for VR in the humanities is only growing – from archaeology and artifact preservation to literature and civil rights activism. With VR, you can travel to places that no longer exist, or step inside a painting. You can experience the life of an author, or become one yourself. The possibilities for creation, education, and human connection are endless. 

There you go – a little bit of everything you need to understand how educational VR and AR are pioneering tools in and out of the classroom. This relatively new technology has come a long way from where it began and is leading us edtech enthusiasts into a bright future. If you’re interested in creating your own educational VR and AR experience, send us a message today and schedule your free consultation

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