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Speed Sketch! Bucky Badger’s Four Legged Friends

What’s black, white, and red all over?

While my intentionally misleading riddle may have led you to believe that I’m talking about a newspaper, I am in fact referencing a different beast entirely: Buckingham U. “Bucky” Badger, the official mascot of nearby University of Wisconsin – Madison.

As you might recall, our studio recently participated in local public art event Bucky on Parade, a Madison, WI-wide exhibition of 85 life-sized Bucky Badger statues designed and created by talented local artists. Our statue bucky.exe – sponsored by UW Credit Union and inspired by 3D wireframe models – was a smash hit, garnering the attention of thousands of visitors who visited it throughout summer 2018 on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol. You can even buy officially licensed merchandise featuring our bucky.exe design – how cool is that!?

While bucky.exe has received plenty of praise from city locals and visitors alike, we simply can’t forget the fanfare from our four legged friends: namely Ginger and Bear from Instagram account rescuedogs101!


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It’s no secret that our studio loves dogs, which made it extra special to see these canines enjoying our work. And you know what’s even more special? Our in-house speed sketch extraordinaire Natasha Soglin has immortalized Ginger, Bear, and bucky.exe with their very own speed sketch! Check out Natasha’s work below, the visit the official Bucky on Parade website to learn how you can get involved with the project – including attending the Bucky on Parade Finale Party on September 29, 2018!

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