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Resource Roundup: How to Get Hired at a Game Studio

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) reports that the US video game industry generated $36 billion in revenue in 2017, a growth of 18% from the prior year. With 2,000+ video game developers and publishers directly employing over 65,000 individuals across all 50 U.S. states (seriously, find out who’s near you using this handy interactive map),…

How to Get Hired at a Game Studio: Production Edition 2021

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

In our How to Get Hired Series, we interview hiring managers all about their departments, their best practices for success at Filament Games, and qualities in applications and applicants that make an impression. For this installment in the 2021 reboot of this series, we interviewed Shaina Peshkov, our Studio Operations Director. Shaina manages the Production,…

Managing Large Gamedev Projects: 3 Pro Tips

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Tackling large-scale projects can be incredibly daunting…but as an Associate Producer at Filament Games, that’s literally my job. I’m currently working on one of Filament’s biggest projects yet, and with it has emerged an entirely new set of challenges for both myself and my colleagues. When balancing large teams, long timelines, and multiple stakeholders, it’s easy…

How to Make a Video Game for Learning: Costs and Considerations

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Game creation is more complicated than portrayed in Game Dev Story. I’m going to explain just how complicated it can be, but I have a few caveats: I can’t walk through every possible game feature (there are many and we make new ones all the time). I can’t provide a standard menu of features either,…

Remote Collaboration & Telecommunication – Part 1: A History

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

“Oh right! And…sorry…no you…uh, I was just… no you go first, go ahead.” “I was just saying that bSHHHTZTK in the first place.” “Sorry, could you repeat that?” Today’s high speed fiber optic networks and teleconferencing technologies connect people and businesses across the globe in seconds, but what are the affordances and limitations of this…

Remote Collaboration & Telecommunication – Part 2: Navigating the Network

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Looking for part 1 of Ethan’s ‘Remote Collaboration & Telecommunication’ blog series? Check it out here! At Filament, we work with clients near and far so remote collaboration and the use of teleconferencing systems is a daily practice. Our meeting rooms are outfitted with webcams, microphones, and conference telephones. As a producer, part of my responsibility…

Game Development 101: An Introduction to Wireframes

Filament Games | Educational Game Developers

Communication is a critical aspect of any collaborative enterprise, and game development is no exception to that rule. There are any number of tools to facilitate communication, from something as obvious as email, to something slightly more esoteric and specialized to its industry – like wireframes for instance, which just so happen to be the…

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